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New data from TrueCue reveals majority of local authorities do not have a defined data analytics strategy

New research conducted by TrueCue, the analytics products and services brand, reveals less than a third (29%) of local authorities have a defined data and analytics strategy, despite having made investments in analytics platforms.

The findings were part of an investigation to assess the data and analytics maturity of local authorities across the UK. Whilst 93% of local authorities are using data analytics platforms, the survey revealed the following:

Only 29% have a clearly defined and centralised data and analytics strategy endorsed by senior leadership.
38% of local authorities either have an uncoordinated or mixed approach to their data and analytics strategy.
When asked which department(s) within the local authority is responsible for the analysis and management of information, 44% stated it was the responsibility of each individual department, indicating a siloed approach exists within many local authorities.

James Don-Carolis, Managing Director of TrueCue discusses these findings further, “Leveraging data insights can make a significant difference to the efficiency and quality of services local authorities provide. However, it takes more than simply investing in a technology platform to be successful – any investment must be underpinned with a coherent data and analytics strategy.

“Having a defined analytics strategy means the organisation will have a clear vision of how data can be used to inform decision making, provide smarter services and improve operations. It will help to clarify what your top data priorities are and chart a course for reaching your goals – including what kind of data you need, how it will be sourced, how you’ll store and analyse the data, and so on. Inherently, this will enable local authorities to make smarter and faster decisions.”

Don-Carolis continues, “While there are signs positive steps are being taken by local authorities to improve their data maturity – namely the wide use of analytics platforms – the evidence highlights many still have an uncoordinated approach.

“If local authorities are to make the most of their investments in analytics, they need to establish a centralised strategy for data analysis that aligns with the long-term strategic objectives of the organisation,” Don Carolis concludes.

(TrueCue submitted Freedom of Information (FoI) requests to 78 local authorities across the UK in total, of which 59 responded).