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Medallia Partners with Tableau to Help Companies Visualise Customer Experience Data

Medallia, the global leader in experience management, today announced it has partnered with Tableau, the leading analytics platform.

This partnership brings together Medallia’s best-in-class experience insights with Tableau’s advanced analytics and data visualisation capabilities enabling more people across the enterprise to uncover powerful insights and make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.

“Arming employees in all corners of the organisation with easy-to-understand, robust customer insights empowers them to make smarter, more customer-centric decisions that have the power to improve business performance – a critical need in today’s quickly changing customer environment,” said Steve Vierra, senior vice president channels, alliances and global partnerships for Medallia.

The new integration between Medallia and Tableau enables companies to visualise customer experience insights alongside critical operational data. This complete view makes it easier for companies to see, understand, and analyse customer and employee feedback and make intelligent business decisions.