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Why Brand Exposure Shouldn’t Just Be Online

When it comes to marketing, the primary focus these days is on building a positive reputation online. There is no doubt that online marketing is effective. However, research shows that consumers still rate print advertising as the most trustworthy.

Below are a few examples of the different types of print advertising that should be combined with digital marketing to maximise brand exposure.


Brochures are arguably the most important types of print advertising for brand exposure. This is because they are dedicated to giving customers and potential customers a good idea of what sets their brand apart from the rest, as well as what problems it seeks to solve on their behalf — and how. Brochures are a must when exhibiting at trade shows and exhibitions and are an excellent tool for sealing the deal when meeting with a potential new client.


When working with a reputable printing company, such as Printingprogress, flyers are affordable ways to create and print and can be handed out anywhere and everywhere, making them one of the most convenient options when it comes to increasing brand exposure. They are designed to provide a snapshot into your brand and what it does. Always remember to keep the copy short and snappy to immediately grab and hold a person’s attention. Also, ensure that your contact details are large and clear to read. Steer clear of any over-the-top fonts.


Posters are ideal for placement in shopping malls, on lampposts near your business, at venues where you will be hosting an event in the future – the options are endless. Just like flyers, posters are extremely cost effective.

It is worth asking a designer to create a poster that works well in print and online. That way, you can save money and communicate the same message across all mediums for maximum impact and brand awareness.

Office stationery

Branding your office stationery is a strategic way in which to keep your business top of mind amongst both your employees and your customers. It is a great idea to give some of this branded stationery away as end-of-year gifts or corporate gifts at events. Whenever your customer whips out that branded pen or notepad, they will think of you, all the while introducing those around them to your business!

Face masks

As traumatic as the COVID-19 pandemic has been, it certainly provided businesses both big and small with an opportunity to improve brand exposure. The introduction of face masks as a protective measure to help curb the spread of the virus means that businesses can print their brand on the PPE for everyone to see. When employees and customers head off to the shops, the park — anywhere, for that matter — everyone with whom they interact will notice your branding, and hopefully, take note of your business for the future.

The key to successful marketing lies in combining traditional print marketing with modern-day digital marketing. Brand exposure simply doesn’t get more powerful or comprehensive than that!