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Introducing: Alison Groups Learning Management System For Businesses

Alison, the free-to-use online education platform announces the launch of its group reporting feature. Alison Groups allows an appointed manager to monitor the progress and performance of a team collective as they learn. Alison Groups empower teams of any size – with users enjoying access to over 2,000 free online courses via the Alison platform.

In a corporate setting, Alison Groups will add immense value for managers, small business owners and those responsible for the HR, training and development of people. The feature helps to improve learning efficiency, increase productivity and most importantly it allows for progress to be tracked. In addition, it provides a digital tool for the monitoring and development of core skills across teams.

The scalability of the function’s built-in reporting is specifically useful for workplace outreach and employee engagement initiatives. For example, Alison’s Coronavirus – What You Need To Know course takes 1.5-3hrs to complete and provides crucial information of benefit to every employee. To date approximately 350 000 users have successfully completed the course. With Alison group reporting, a business. school or college can make sure everyone has completed the course successfully and knows what they need to know.

The basic group feature is totally free. Some restrictions do apply in terms of larger groups where additional features are accessible for a nominal fee. Managers are able to purchase both digital and parchment certificates for their teams directly through the feature at a discount.

Mike Feerick, CEO of Alison commented on the launch: “Alison Group Reporting opens up what used to be an expensive learning management system functionality for all for free. Organisations around the world, regardless of size or industry, who use the Alison platform can now organise and manage their team’s learning more efficiently. Another milestone in making education and workplace skills training accessible to everyone.”

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