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Quest Announces Major Enhancements to Data Backup and Database Solutions

Quest Software has announced major enhancements to two pillar solutions, QoreStor and SharePlex, that enable IT and database management teams to address ever changing enterprise challenges pertaining to data backup, recovery and database management across hybrid cloud environments. The enhancements to QoreStor and SharePlex are the first from the newly unified Quest Information Systems Management (ISM) business which helps customers manage and monitor their data, while providing critical protection for that data and the people who have access to it. Quest is able to help perform these comprehensive functions by encompassing solutions across the data protection, information management and unified endpoint management portfolios. The new business focuses on driving innovation that provides the heart of the organisation—IT systems, applications and data—with all critical proactive management and monitoring, offering automation and data resiliency while enabling application availability to help organisations tackle their toughest IT challenges.

Quest ISM offerings are emerging as crucial to IT and database administrators as they continually face amorphous computing environments, the need for rapid machine, application and user deployment, and a seemingly overwhelming number of security threats. For example, The New York Times has reported that there have been more than a thousand ransomware attacks on American cities, counties and hospitals over the past 18 months. Data protection and IT administration practices are vital to protect enterprises against ransomware and a host of other security incidents, as well as to support numerous strategic IT initiatives.

“With the strong headwinds organisations continue to battle around changes to business environments and new security threats, it’s now more critical than ever that they understand where their data is, properly manage it, protect that data and the users that have access to it, all through proven, comprehensive solutions that drive business continuity,” said Chris DeBiase, chief operating officer at Quest Software. “Quest Software has dedicated over three decades to delivering solutions that enable management of databases and IT systems that are core to every organisation’s business. The release of QoreStor 7.0 and SharePlex 10.0 underscores the Quest ISM business focus and its investment in several core solution areas targeted at making an organisation’s enterprise IT easier to manage and more capable.”

Key Quest ISM product enhancements made to QoreStor and SharePlex to support enterprise IT and database administrators include:

Version 7.0 of QoreStor takes the solution’s ability to leverage the cloud more easily and extensively than before by adding “Object Direct,” which enables customers to utilise object storage for the solution’s main data repository, providing de-duplication using native cloud storage for a more cost-effective option for secondary storage needs. With another new feature called “Archive Tier,” the solution now also allows backup data to be sent from a QoreStor instance directly to a lower cost “cold” cloud storage solution, such as AWS Glacier. Additionally, a new connection interface “Object”, enables cloud-based solutions that leverage an S3 based connection to store data to send it directly to a QoreStor instance, combined with “Object Direct” QoreStor 7.0 adds true cloud storage de-duplication for cloud native backup solutions.

New features in SharePlex bolster the solution’s role as a safety net, supporting Oracle database availability and data resiliency to drive Oracle availability where the business needs it most. The latest version provides more flexible ways to drive value from Oracle data while reducing cost by allowing migration to Oracle Database 19c, on-prem or in the cloud, and can move Oracle data to Kafka for superior data streaming or SQL Server for cost-effective offload reporting in near real time. Version 10.0 also extends SharePlex support for Oracle Database 19c on AIX, AWS RDS, Exadata, Windows and Solaris.

“While the job of IT teams has never been harder, they are also excited about the potential of cloud computing and other transforming technologies that will create new efficiencies for all IT operations, and our new product enhancements today capitalise on that potential,” said Adrian Moir, Technology Strategist at Quest Software. “QoreStor and SharePlex solution updates help customers address the challenges they are facing now, and feel confident their data is where it needs to be and is fully managed, monitored and protected.”