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The Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV is now available in the UK

After widespread attention across the US this year as a traditional alternative to the touchpad-controlled Siri Remote, the Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV & Apple TV 4K will soon be available to UK Apple TV owners.

The Siri Remote for Apple TV has divided opinion since the launch of the updated Apple TV in 2019, with rant posts doing the rounds across major tech sites for the best part of two years.

In late 2019, Swiss TV company Salt – which provides Apple TVs as set-top boxes for its internet TV service – developed an alternative for their TV customers with a view on making the Apple TV as stress-free to control as possible. Apple backed the move, but until recently the Salt remote was only available in Switzerland.

Fast forward to mid-2020, Function101 – a US Apple accessories company – struck a deal with Salt to bring the remote to the US, in turn being picked up by major US tech sites including The Verge, WSJ Tech and MacRumors.

Through a collaboration between Function101 and UK-based TW Electronics (a UK manufacturer of remote controls) the Function101 Button Remote is now available in the UK for the Winter season.

The Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV goes back to basics with its sleek design and straightforward approach to navigating the functions of Apple TV. The Button Remote works out of the box with Apple TV & Apple TV 4K to offer traditional remote control buttons and a layout that customers are already used to.

The Button Remote can be paired to all TV sets to control power, volume, and mute functions using IR technology. The Button Remote can also be paired with a range of sound bar and audio receivers.

Named as “The best tech product of the year” by The Wall Street Journal and described as “the remote for anyone who loves their Apple TV” by The Verge, the Button Remote for Apple TV makes navigation a breeze with a thoughtful approach to button layout, offering a user-friendly alternative to the Siri Remote.

The Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV is priced at £29.94 with Free Delivery, available via the official UK site at