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Veego Software Wins Best AI Startup Award

Veego Software, an Israel-based startup that perfects the internet experience in the connected home through the application of AI and other innovative technologies, today announced that it has won Computing’s award for Best AI Startup.

The Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards honor the best companies, individuals, and projects in AI. The awards highlight industry innovators and showcase projects and technologies that deserve industry-wide recognition.

The developing role of AI and the resulting impact on customers have become a focal point of success for organizations of all kinds. The Best AI Startup Award is presented to a company, founded within the last five years, that has utilized the opportunities that AI and ML are now bestowing on organizations of all kinds. The winner must be using AI in a truly transformational way.

Veego applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to perfect the Internet user experience in the Connected Home. Providing Communication Service Providers, smart device manufacturers, app creators, and online media providers with ongoing visibility of connected devices and the services running on them, Veego continuously measures every user’s Quality of Experience (QoE) from each internet session in its own context, uniquely taking into consideration the factors that are crucial to each type of device and service.

In presenting the award, Computing’s spokesperson said, “AI and ML have been described as the big opportunity of our age for organizations of all types and sizes. With this award, we were looking for a startup that is either developing an AI/ML solution to sell or relies on AI/ML technology for the services or solutions that it sells…Our winner is Veego…What’s not to like?”

“We are thrilled to receive this extraordinary recognition of our AI and ML innovations and their contribution to a rapidly growing and crucial industry,” Veego CEO, Amir Kotler, said. “While we are still in our infancy, our technology is already transforming customer experience for residential internet users and all the stakeholders who service them with content, devices, and apps.

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