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The impact of technology on the gambling industry

Gambling as a pastime has been around since some of our earliest societies, with earliest records dating back to 2300bc in Ancient China! Throughout the years gambling has developed and evolved into what we know it as today, and it could be argued that the constant ongoing developments in the technology world have made some of the biggest changes to modern gambling to date!

With online and mobile gaming, players are able to access their favourite online casino, as well as betting sites and apps from anywhere in the world and at any time – unlike the traditional high street betting shops which are only available at specific times. However, many high street betting shops have begun incorporating more technology into their businesses such as interactive betting machines, for those who prefer the community feeling of physically visiting bookmakers.

According to the official UK Government Gambling Commission, In 2019 “Remote (or online) gambling is the largest combined sector by GGY. With £5.5bn GGY, it comprises 38.6% of the overall market”. Meaning a significant amount of players are taking up mobile betting as their preferred form of gambling. With so many choices of online casinos and betting websites available online, it’s easy to see why this method has taken the gambling world by storm.

Although this ease-of-access element of online gambling has its benefits to players, it’s also important to be aware of the risks having constant access to gambling can have on individuals who struggle to stop and prone to developing addictions.

One way that technology can support online gamblers is the fact that many online casinos and apps have spending limits you can set on your account, and some also have reminders of when you have spent a significant amount of time on the site. By setting realistic spending and time limits you can ensure your technology supports your gambling habits rather than becoming a potential issue.

Also, with online searches you may find free alternatives to your favourite gambling games which you can enjoy at times when your bank account is a little low, searching for “no deposit free spins” should bring up some results for this so you can play risk-free.

Advancing technology has impacted the way many of us gamble, and brings with it both advantages and important considerations. Recent research suggests that online gambling is only set to rise as technology continues to bring enhancements and improvements to the way we gamble. Along with this, we also need to ensure that technology also develops to continue to advocate a healthy lifestyle and balance.

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