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Alibaba Cloud Attains Security Marks on Media Production and Broadcast

Trusted cloud provider is committed to adhering to best practices set by the DPP

Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, has attained the DPP Security Marks for Production and Broadcast under the DPP’s ‘Committed to Security’ program. The two new, globally recognised security marks from the DPP further expand Alibaba Cloud’s security and compliance footprint in the media and broadcasting industry after it has passed a Trusted Partner Network (TPN) assessment and joined the Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA) Technology Committee earlier this year.

A number of renowned companies have partnered with Alibaba Cloud using a wide range of cloud technologies to drive digitalisation. Alibaba Cloud’s cutting-edge cloud computing platform, coupled with its array of powerful media solutions, is able to propel businesses into gaining efficiencies in scale, reliability, global reach and security throughout their media and broadcasting production cycle.

“As more and more media industry players embrace cloud technologies for their digitalisation journey, it is crucial for us to demonstrate our readiness, technology leadership and security credentials to support their business transformation journey,” said Larry Xiao, General Manager of Security at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence and Vice President of Alibaba Group. “The two new security marks further demonstrate our willingness and capability in delivering the best products and solutions for our media clients.”

“Alibaba Cloud has passed our assessment checklist by demonstrating their commitment to following best practice in supporting the media industry’s unique requirements,” said Rowan de Pomerai, CTO, DPP. “With the award of these security marks, Alibaba Cloud joins a growing community of technology leaders in supporting the media and broadcast industry’s digital transformation process.”

Enterprises can enjoy low latency, secure connection and artificial intelligence backed analytics capabilities leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s elastically scalable computing platform. The company’s products and solutions such as ApsaraVideo, content delivery network, object storage service, cloud native databases can be deployed easily with minimal infrastructure cost for businesses. With 64 availability zones in 21 regions worldwide, Alibaba Cloud provides businesses a low latency network to meet the demanding needs of the media and broadcasting industry.

Alibaba Cloud has more than 80 security and compliance accreditations worldwide.