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The Big Benefits That 5G Looks Set to Bring to Everyday Life

So many exciting technological innovations emerge every year, but one of the real talking points of 2020 has been the rise of 5G.

The mobile technology has generated a whole host of headlines in recent months, as people get to grips with understanding the huge potential that it could offer.

The next generation

For the uninitiated, 5G is essentially a leap forward from what we have come to enjoy with 3G and 4G mobile technology.

As Ofcom explains in its guide to 5G, all of the major UK mobile networks have now launched services based around it, while other organisations are creating systems which are compatible with it. But just what does 5G mean? Well, as Ofcom outlines, it is much faster than previous mobile technologies, while it also offers a new level of capacity and responsiveness.

It is anticipated that the technology might create a range of opportunities in different areas and industries. However, for many people, there may just be one question – how will it affect me? Here are just three ways that we think 5G could impact on your day-to-day life.

Smarter homes

Many households have flirted with smart home technology by embracing systems like Alexa. As Amazon details, the service can be used to control and check a range of different devices, from lights to thermostats and even cameras.

5G could potentially make smart home technologies more responsive and quicker by allowing a more seamless wireless connection, without the need of in-the-home wi-fi, which in turn may encourage more people to take the leap and use them in their everyday lives.

Greater gaming

Mobile gaming is massive these days and so many different experiences can now be accessed at the touch of a button. However, 5G could take things up a notch by ensuring titles and apps are able to more quickly load better graphics, more responsive gameplay and improved functionality.

It is not just video gamers who might benefit either. In the iGaming industry, many providers are now offering mobile apps, which require a faster mobile experience. These apps offer features including promotions and the latest results, so users with 5G could get access to such key information quicker than before, as well as not being hindered by slow loading times when placing bets on things like lottery outcomes.

Clever cars

The idea of sitting in a car and letting it drive itself might sound strange, but 5G is often linked to the notion that self-driving transport could become a reality.

Just last month, the Government confirmed it had supported O2’s creation of the UK’s first driverless cars lab. Based in Oxfordshire, it will allow businesses to test driverless cars and use 5G and other technology in trials as they work to ensure vehicles stay connected.

A major impact

While many exciting technologies emerge year after year, it can take time to see how they will ultimately affect our lives. However, 5G looks set to be an exception to that rule, as it could well have an immediate impact on many things we do daily.

It will be interesting to see how the issues above evolve, while it will also be exciting to discover which other areas feel 5G’s influence in the years ahead.