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The most tech-savvy UK cities for people who LOVE tech

Zoopla, the UK’s most comprehensive property destination, reveals the best locations for tech lovers by analysing the number of job adverts, number of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, number of tech startups, the average download speed, as well as property affordability. The different cities were given a score out of 100 based on these metrics to reveal the best locations.

When the UK entered the initial lockdown in March and millions of people were forced to work from home, our dependence on technology became greater than ever before.  Zoom  the video conferencing software that enabled people to work at home and connect with loved ones across the country – was downloaded over 2.3 million times worldwide. Similarly, there were 17.2 million downloads of Houseparty, the social networking service that enables video chatting, clearly showing the importance of connectivity during hard times.

Alongside this, we’re becoming more environmentally conscious with electric vehicle sales growing, 2019 sales saw 2.1 million cars being sold beating an already record-breaking 2018. In September 2020, Sir David Attenborough broke the world record for the fastest time to reach one million followers on Instagram ahead of his documentary launching on Netflix, showing the public has grown to understand the need for environmental change.

It’s clear that for an increasing number of people, a city that reflects and matches their technological needs is becoming more important when it comes to achieving their lifestyle ambitions.

So, which towns and cities in the UK are perfect for tech lovers?

The top ten locations for tech lovers





Total score Tech jobs per 100,000 households EV chargers Avg. download speed (Mbit/s) No. of tech startups Zoopla affordability*
1 Belfast 85.4 54.2 58 79.8 18 £26,401
2 Bristol 76.2 48.4 124 81.3 44 £55,148
3 Newcastle upon Tyne 75.5 50.9 109 61.2 13 £29,430
4 Edinburgh 75.5 36.1 87 77.4 59 £46,162
5 Nottingham 75.4 13.7 123 80.8 13 £36,446
6 Leeds 74.8 66.4 147 65.6 20 £35,988
7 Glasgow 73.4 17.2 198 64.6 21 £26,559
8 Brighton 73.1 42.4 147 83.4 11 £68,945
9 Birmingham 73.1 19.0 134 74.1 25 £39,382
10 Liverpool 71.8 10.6 140 70.6 9 £25,219

Belfast comes out as the best location for tech lovers from Zoopla’s analysis, with a score of 85.4 out of 100. With 58 electric vehicle chargers, an average download speed of 79.8 megabytes and 18 tech startups, technology buffs will be right at home living in Belfast.

In terms of affordability, the income required to purchase an average property with a 15% deposit would be £26,401 – which is one of the lowest within the top ten tech cities. With the current UK average annual salary being £30,800, generally speaking, people looking to purchase a property in Belfast should be able to afford a home in the city, as the affordability calculated by Zoopla is £26,401.

Coming in second is Bristol, with a score of 76.2 out of 100. The city has an impressive 48 job adverts for technology roles per 100,000 people. Roles in the city include apprenticeships with the Ministry of Defence, working with robotics startup Ultraleap, and Just Eat, meaning anyone looking for a role in technology will have an abundance to choose from – it’s not a cheap city to live in, however. In order to purchase a property in Bristol, you’d have to earn over £55,000, much more than the national average income, to afford a 15% deposit on a property.

The top five regions with the most locations for tech lovers

Rank Region Number of locations in region for tech lovers
1 South East 16
2 East of England 15
3 West Midlands 15
4 North West 15
5 South West 12

The south east of England has the most locations suited for tech lovers, with a staggering 16 towns and cities, such as Oxford, Brighton and Portsmouth, all with great download speeds, job opportunities and multiple EV chargers. These locations are great for those who are wanting to be at the forefront of technology, with an abundance of choice and opportunities in the tech space.

A benefit of living in a tech-first city within the south east is the short commute time to the capital – with an average of 70 minutes by train from Buckinghamshire, or 90 minutes from Hampshire.

Commenting on the analysis, Tom Parker, Consumer Expert at Zoopla says:

“We live in a world where technology is vital to so many aspects of our lives – from helping local businesses stay afloat by allowing them to take orders online, to keeping families connected with one another during lockdown. Technology is helping people for the better during these testing times and because of this, many people are now seeing the benefits of living in a tech-first way. Therefore, living in a city that hones in on this could be just the answer for someone looking to relocate. 

“Cities adapting to be more technologically relevant and forward-thinking can provide a lifestyle that tech-lovers look for in a place to call home. Knowing that you can excel in a career in tech, as well as drive an EV and do your bit for the environment could be very appealing. Pair that with a property that is affordable and has fast internet speeds – that could be the recipe for a tech-lovers dream home.”   

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