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‘Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation” webinar series launched by emlyon business school

The third edition of the webinar series focused on the business value of Artificial Intelligence, has been launched by emlyon business school.

The webinar series, organised by the AIM Research Center on Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation at emlyon, focuses on how Artificial Intelligence creates new value layers affecting user behaviour and new business ecosystems.

The research center investigates how AI and related emerging technologies affect value creation in human interactions and consumer behaviour, and the new way companies create and capture value doing business and shaping business ecosystems.

It explores three dimensions of value creation: AI in business value, AI in ethical value and AI in societal value.

The webinars will draw on insights and examples from leading academics and industry experts in the field of AI and creating business and consumer value.

Professor Margherita Pagani, Research Director, AIM Research Center on Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation says,

This initiative, now in its third year, allows to meet and debate with recognized scholars from all over the world in multidisciplinary fields as Management, Information Systems, Data Science, Ethics, Design invited to share their research and open the debate on how Artificial Intelligence creates new value layers affecting user behavior and businesses.  The goal of this seminar series is to stimulate interdisciplinary research, campus-wide interactions, and networking.”

The webinars will be hosted once a month by emlyon business school, with each focusing on a new area of AI and business value, with a new academic spokesperson to discuss their insights, advice and examples.

The next webinar, hosted on Thursday 19th November, is titled “Pandemic: AI, disruptive technologies and value creation”. This webinar will focus on the global pandemic, and how both public and private sector industries have had to quickly pivot to new business models.

The session will explore how disruptive technologies such as AI and Blockchain are helping the world to quickly adapt and thrive given our new reality.

The webinar will be hosted by Melanie Gilbert – Associate Partner, Public Sector Blockchain and Disruptive Technologies – IBM, Canada. Mélanie has assisted Canadian Federal Government departments in better understanding what makes a good Blockchain use case and whether it is the right technology to help them on their transformation journey. Mélanie also teaches the the MSc course “AI and Disruptive technologies applied to commerce” at emlyon business school.

Future webinars in the series are:

December 3rd 2020

Creating business value through Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence – Margherita Pagani, at emlyon business school

January 28, 2021

Quantifying Relational Value in B2B: Implications for AI – Sharmila Chatterjie, Professor in Marketing, MIT Sloan School of Management

February 18, 2021

Artificial Intelligence: Linking Technology to Regulation – Theodoros Evgeniou, Professor of Decision Science & Technology Management, INSEAD

March 18, 2021

How AI is changing the status of B2B products – Bjorn Yvens, Professor in Marketing, University of Bamberg

April, 15 2021

Fellowship Presentations – Research fellows present their research projects

May 13, 2021

Sociology of AI – Massimo Airoldi, Assistant Professor, emlyon business school

If you would like to register to any of the upcoming webinars, you can do so via the emlyon AIM Research Center on Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation events page: