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EveryonePrint introduces true cloud alternative to Google Cloud Print

EveryonePrint has developed a Chrome Extension to its multi-tenant cloud print infrastructure platform Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP). This latest release provides an easy to deploy, scalable, flexible alternative for channel partners and IT leads to enable secure, direct printing from Chromebooks. Additionally, HCP will support strong user authentication, enabling single sign on via Google Workspace.

Google’s announcement that support for Google Cloud Print (GCP) will be deprecated at the end of the year, has forced organisations to look for an alternative print solution and migrate their print services prior to the end of the calendar year. With EveryonePrint’s new Chrome Extension, users printing from Chromebooks using Google Cloud Print, can easily migrate to HCP, and enjoy the same rich printing experience enjoyed by PC and Mac users.

“Leveraging EveryonePrint’s cloud infrastructure and extending HCP’s compatibility to include Google’s ecosystem of hardware and identity management solutions, provides organisations invested in Google as a platform with an easy way to streamline the print infrastructure and benefit from the agility and innovation of cloud technology with little risk or investment,” said Tavs Dalaa, CEO, EveryonePrint.

“With HCP, there’s no requirement to install any applications on-premise, customers can simply turn off GCP and switch to HCP to provide Chromebook users with a range of flexible printing options, such as direct print, secure print and finishing options,” he added.

HCP reduces the cost and time burden associated with managing print infrastructure. Managed print providers, and in-house IT departments can deploy and control the entire printing infrastructure from a single web-based interface. HCP is designed to work across all printer models and all brands. It removes the requirement to qualify and install multiple drivers, install printers on numerous devices, or manage print queues. Existing HCP customers can simply deploy the Chrome Extension for HCP via the Google Admin Console, and roll-out the pre-configured extension to all users. The solution also provides users with the flexibility to install and configure the HCP Chrome Extension from their desktop if required.

One of the key benefits of HCP is its seamless user experience. Users can easily connect to printers without needing IT support. HCP’s location-aware functionality automatically discovers and shows end-users available printers at their location, allowing them to print immediately, wherever they are. Available printers are automatically added and those that are no longer available are automatically removed, making it impossible to print to a device that is not at a users’ current location.

With this latest update, individuals can submit print jobs directly from their Chromebook and pick up the print-outs at the printer. It’s also possible to use QR codes for secure pull printing. And for devices already installed with card readers, secure print release can also be enabled with a contactless swipe of an ID card.

HCP provides the strongest security between endpoints including encryption of data at rest, role-based permissions can be achieved through integration with cloud-based authentication providers such as Okta, and customers implementing a Zero Trust network are able to use their own certificate infrastructure. The new Chrome Extension also enables single sign-on via Google Workspace, helping increase productivity while keeping data secure.

By utilising cloud technology, organisations can reduce the cost and complexity associated with a traditional print environment. HCP is a fully scalable subscription-based solution meaning customers simply pay for the licenses they need, and by eliminating print servers, and the requirement to run clients on workstations, customers will benefit from significantly lower printing costs.

EveryonePrint is offering a free trial, to set-up a trial account and download and install the Chrome Extension, please visit: