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TIBCO Enables Pirelli to Deploy iPaaS Platform to Support Digital IT Ecosystem

Manufacturing Giant Overcomes Integration Challenges Across Systems

TIBCO has announced it has been selected by Pirelli, a world-leading producer of tyres and suppliers of associated services, to assist in developing its iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service). The solution will support Pirelli’s digital transformation objectives and provide a new integrated operating model for its digital IT ecosystem.

Pirelli is driven by innovation, evident in an ongoing desire to adopt and embrace new technologies. Part of its digital transformation includes strategically focusing on cloud-orientated solutions, as well as selecting leading SaaS applications to reshape and digitalise main processes from CRM to Integrated Business Planning. Using TIBCO Mashery®, TIBCO Cloud™ Integration, and TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging, Pirelli will quickly and easily integrate those applications, handle large volumes of data exchanged across multiple environments, and ensure its systems are accessible across geographies and time zones. The iPaaS environment created by TIBCO’s solutions help Pirelli IT more quickly respond to  changing market dynamics and scale out services with ease.

“Pirelli defined and adopted a multilevel cloud strategy- (SaaS, Public Cloud, Private Cloud), TIBCO is the integration backbone that enable the communication across the solutions hosted in different cloud levels” said Luca Urban, Global head of enterprise solutions and core platforms, Pirelli. “We host multiple applications and numerous services in our digital ecosystem, which need to be brought together to streamline the delivery of IT operations and support the integration of these systems according to business processes. Furthermore, it ensures the flexibility we need to develop and deploy new applications, integrate them with our environment.”

Today, Pirelli employs around 31,600 people and has 19 factories located in 12 countries, with about 16,500 points of sale in over 160 countries. Creating the glue between its cloud and on-premises environment, Pirelli’s hybrid iPaaS solution with TIBCO provides integration support across the full remit of vendor applications and bespoke services. Hosted both in the cloud and across the tyre giant’s on-premises environment, it enables the development, execution, and governance of integration flows. This connects any combination of on-premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications, and data within the company’s different business units and organisations.

“Pirelli has a clear and defined vision of what they want technology to do for their business and are so willing to embrace innovative approaches to make it happen,” said Maurizio Canton, chief technology officer and vice president, customer success, TIBCO. “The Pirelli iPaaS environment is more than just a platform to assist with data integration, service consumption, service orchestration, and business process implementation. It creates a digital foundation for a company that acknowledges the importance of constant and ongoing development to create sustainable innovation.”
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