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DocuWare adds DocuSign to its content service portfolio

DocuWare, provider of cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation, announces its new partnership with DocuSign.

At a time when more businesses than ever are supporting remote workforces, the integration of DocuSign’s electronic signature technology to DocuWare’s content services portfolio further ensures business continuity and productivity for all teams.

DocuWare chose DocuSign for its flexibility and feature-richness. The costs are scalable, allowing DocuWare customers to select their subscription level based on usage and demand. Customers can add one or multiple signers and signature locations on a given document. Signatures can be received in a specific order to accommodate a workflow or on a first-come, first-served basis. DocuSign also allows initials in one or multiple locations.

DocuWare includes this new service as part of its cloud-based solutions to all cloud customers. Pricing options based on usage are available to on-premises customers.

“Electronic signatures are a key element to maintaining business continuity when legacy paper-based processes just aren’t possible,” says Dr. Michael Berger, President. Currently, DocuWare’s customers use e-signatures in their legal and HR departments, as all signed documents for recruitment, contracts and new hire onboarding can be securely and efficiently handled in a paperless environment. “The immediacy with which contracts can be signed electronically and processed in a digital workflow is a key aspect of digital transformation from which every customer can benefit,” concludes Berger.

Adhering to the strictest global security standards, multiple user authentication options are available from DocuSign. Users can receive authentication via email, access code, phone, SMS or knowledge-based authentication (using public records to confirm the identity of the signer by asking multiple choice questions).

The addition of DocuSign extends DocuWare’s electronic signature capability first announced last year with its Validated ID partnership.

To learn more about DocuSign from DocuWare, you can request a personalised free demo.