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Only 31% of Organisations Use Cloud DLP Despite Data Leakage Being the Top Cloud Security Concern  

Bitglass, the Total Cloud Security Company, today released its 2020 Cloud Security Report, which uncovers whether organisations are properly equipped to defend themselves in the cloud. Bitglass partnered with a leading cybersecurity community and surveyed IT and security professionals to understand their top security concerns and identify the actions that enterprises are taking to protect data in the cloud.

Almost all respondents (93%) were moderately to extremely concerned about the security of the public cloud. The report’s findings suggest that organisations are struggling to use cloud-based resources safely. For example, a mere 31% of organisations use cloud DLP, despite 66% citing data leakage as their top cloud security concern. Similarly, organisations are unable to maintain visibility into file downloads (45%), file uploads (50%), DLP policy violations (50%), and external sharing (55%) in the cloud.

The report also found that many still try to use tools like firewalls (44%), network encryption (36%), and network monitoring (26%) to secure the use of the cloud–despite 82% of respondents recognising that such legacy tools are poorly suited to do so and that they should instead use security capabilities designed for the cloud.

“To address modern cloud security needs, organisations should leverage multi-faceted security platforms that are capable of providing comprehensive and consistent security for any interaction between any device, app, web destination, on-premises resource, or infrastructure,” said Anurag Kahol, CTO at Bitglass. “According to our research, 79% of organisations already believe it would be helpful to have such a consolidated security platform; now they just need to choose and implement the right one.”

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