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Global Connectivity Company GNX Secures Funding From New Investors to Execute Ambitious 2021 Growth Strategy

GNX is shaking up the data communications market with a carrier-neutral approach and with its advanced LARA platform. This platform enables GNX to compare and purchase data connections from more than 3,000 local and international providers, where the choice can be based on what is really important to the user, such as delivery time, guaranteed availability or price. In this way,  the optimal solution for the customer is always found.

Connectivity is critical to business operations for almost all companies. Traditionally, companies have relied on large telecom companies to provide data and cloud connectivity. However, these telcos still operate in traditional, supply-driven revenue models; they are aimed at selling their own network rather than providing solutions based on the requirements and wishes of the end customer. GNX has developed  a radical different model in which the requirements and wishes of the customer are central. Solutions are delivered on a supplier and technology neutral basis.

“We started GNX in 2018 because of the enormous demand in the global connectivity market for a carrier-neutral partner with a different approach,” explains Rutger Bevaart. He is CEO and Co-Founder of GNX. Bevaart knows what he is talking about. For seven years he was the technical brains of connectivity service provider Custom Connect, which was bought by GTT Communications in 2017. “GNX has been around for two years now and we are experiencing exponential growth of customers around the world. Our next-generation approach to connectivity brings together more than 3,000 network providers around the world on the LARA platform. LARA makes it easier to find and compare connections, makes costs transparent and is a virtual extension of our customers’ network team, which greatly increases their efficiency. “

Co-founder and CTO Rick Mur adds:” We provide services that make connectivity agile and flexible, while providing customers with a truly global approach to connectivity sourcing. LARA enables customers to consolidate various connectivity providers and their network services into one workflow, one invoice and one contract with GNX. ”

Bevaart and Mur have now involved Sjoerd Rietberg and Jan Willem Meijer as hands-on investors to help accelerate the global growth of GNX and the further development of LARA. A striking detail is that Jan Willem Meijer was co-founder of GNX’s predecessor Custom Connect. Sjoerd Rietberg, as a former Co-CEO of FinTech company Flow Traders, has gained a lot of experience as a user of high-performance / low-latency data networks – experience that GNX will use to further shape the customer-centric approach. 

“Sjoerd and I are convinced that the connectivity market needs to mature in the coming years and that GNX is ideally positioned to usher in this new customer-centric era,” says investor Meijer.

Rietberg: “GNX provides a transparent service in a market that has long been characterized by opacity. LARA can be compared to the large online shops for consumer electronics and the booking platforms that we know from the travel world. The customer has a list of all suppliers, can compare well, makes his choice and places his order. We are going to shake up the data communication world. Right from their start, Jan Willem and I agreed that GNX’s approach is the future. It also feels like a natural partnership, especially since it is in the founders’ DNA to provide quality and long-term service at a competitive price.”


About GNX

GNX is a carrier neutral, next-generation global connectivity service company that is cutting out the carriers, vendors and pushy salespeople who are more interested in selling their solutions than managing yours. 

Supporting businesses that need a more agile, flexible and global approach to connectivity, GNX provides a unique, carrier-neutral approach that enables clients to source solutions that best fit their requirements. With clear and transparent pricing for underlay connectivity services like ethernet, dark-fiber, DIA internet access or 4G / 5G, GNX customers can build better global WANs.

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