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Two new senior recruits join the International Megnet team

Megnet, an international distributor of compatible network accessories based in Richmond, London has recruited two significant new roles to its sales team. 

After identifying two new permanent and noteworthy senior hires, Megnet, has secured Matt Pick as Business Development Director and Kieron Reardon as Senior Business Development Manager.

Furthermore, to cement a strong future for the Company, a structured growth plan has been formulated to ensure continued success.

Omar Miqidadi, CEO and Founder of Megnet commented “We are thrilled to have created such roles within our business and this year that will see us go from strength to strength, entering new markets with the help of our new recruits.

The hire of Matt Pick as Business Development Director will support our business to move strategically within telecommunications as we create stronger intuitive relationships in this sector.

Matt has vast experience across the telecommunications industry. After working with large corporates EE and Cable & Wireless as well as innovative start-ups, such as Sharedband, he brings with him the knowledge that will help advance our place in the telco sector.

The recruitment of Kieron Reardon as Senior Business Development Manager will see us establish a growth plan with Chimera compatibles product range, creating country partners and distribution channels across the globe.

Kieron brings with him a wealth of experience and previously strategically created clean channels for its partners to operate in. He formerly worked with Ophit, Samsung UK and Intenso, selling IT product ranges internationally.

This is a very exciting time for Megnet during a period where we must continue to pivot and thrive to remain a leading compatible networking supplier. “

Omar Continues, “Whilst entering new markets that may not have heard about the Chimera compatible brand before, or even Megnet; there may be challenges, but we believe our service offering to markets will be embraced; we have a remarkable line of compatible products and have seen great success so far across many Countries. We hope to replicate this, adopting new tactics and utilising the skillsets of our experienced new recruits.”