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These are the best UK cities outside of London for getting a job in tech right now

New research has revealed the best UK cities outside of London for finding a job in the tech industry.

The analysis conducted by recruitment specialists KO2 Embedded Recruitment Solutions looked at how many roles in tech are currently advertised on LinkedIn in every UK city outside of London.

As well as examining the number of roles available in total within each city, the study also analysed the number of roles against the size of the population to determine how many people there are to every one role available, and therefore where candidates have the greatest chance of landing a job in tech.

Manchester has the most tech jobs in total with over 10,000 roles currently available.

Meanwhile, the considerable smaller city of Lancaster was found to be the best city for landing a job in tech. 

In Lancaster the study found over 3,000 tech jobs currently available which against the population of Lancaster (47,162) equates to just 13.6 people to every 1 tech job available.

The research was conducted by analysing the number of roles available across a broad range of tech roles from web developers to digital journalists and IT support.

The current pandemic means more people than ever are currently out of work, with unemployment rates across the UK at the highest levels in 3 years. 

The tech industry has been hailed as the way forward for many jobseekers, and this research serves as a reminder that jobs across the tech industry are wide and varied, and not simply limited to web developers.

The full research and results are available here >