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Curity launches Community Edition of the Curity Identity Server

Curity announces the release of a free version of its identity server, including the most technically-complete OAuth implementation

Curity, a provider of Identity Access Management (IAM) and API security technology that helps organizations ensure safe and smooth login and authentication experiences for users, has released a new edition of their product, the Curity Identity Server, that is available at no cost. 

Earlier offered in three paid plans aimed at larger organizations, the new Curity Identity Server Community Edition is designed for small-to-medium sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals. The goal is to help resource-constrained IT and security teams create custom authorization experiences that will protect, secure, and authenticate users.

The new edition provides free access to the core essentials of Curity’s innovative server retaining many of the unique and valuable features available in the standard product. Users of the Community Edition get the entire token service to secure APIs and protect them from threats and breaches. Community support is provided on Stack Overflow.

Answering the demands of the digital world, where API protection and secure authentication of users is paramount, the Community Edition of the Curity Identity Server offers a powerful solution. The Community Edition provides a complete OAuth server, which allows for an unlimited number of users and is easy to deploy. A token-based architecture, enabled by the product, keeps APIs secure and ensures a smooth user experience.

Jacob Ideskog, Curity’s CTO, says of the release: 

We’ve wanted to offer a free edition for a long time, so we’re excited to finally be able to do it. We felt it was important to have the right resources in place to support the community first. Now, with our library of guides, videos, code examples, and other resources, we believe users will be able to get up and running quickly. Launching the Community Edition in such a challenging year feels really good. It means we’re able to help provide secure, remote access to digital services, especially for smaller businesses that have been particularly hard hit. 

The Community Edition is available on Curity’s website or Docker Hub. Developers can request a license and download it from the Developer Portal or directly in the admin UI. The users will have an option of upgrading the free version to one of the available Curity Identity Server plans to get access to more features and technical support.

About Curity 

Curity is a leading supplier of API-driven identity management, providing unified security for digital services. Curity Identity Server is used for logging in and securing millions of users’ access to web and mobile applications as well as APIs and microservices. Curity Identity Server is built upon open standards and designed for development and operations. We enjoy the trust of large organizations in financial services, telecom, retail, energy and government services who have chosen Curity for their enterprise-grade API security needs. To learn more, visit