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Fivetran Adds Pay-As-You-Go in AWS Marketplace and Amazon Redshift Console Integration to Speed Business Insights

Expanding relationship with AWS further validated by achieving the AWS Data and Analytics Competency designation


Fivetran, a leading provider of automated data integration, today announced product enhancements and designations that reflect a deepening relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). To accelerate data onboarding and time to business insights, Amazon Redshift customers can now launch Fivetran directly from the Amazon Redshift Console. Fivetran has also enabled pay-as-you-go pricing in AWS Marketplace. Together, these capabilities allow AWS customers to easily launch automated data integration and prove-out the value of their fully managed Fivetran data pipelines within minutes.


With the Amazon Redshift Console integration, customers can immediately launch a 14-day free trial of Fivetran from within the Amazon Redshift Console, and the Amazon Redshift configuration details are automatically pre-populated. By offering pay-as-you go pricing for Fivetran in AWS Marketplace, customers don’t have to pay an upfront fee to prove out value before deploying to production. This allows for faster time to value and more flexible budgeting.

These expanded offerings will continue to fuel the company’s strong growth and support shared AWS customers, which now total to more than 300.

“Fivetran is committed to helping AWS customers become data driven to make the best business decisions and grow revenue,” said George Fraser, CEO of Fivetran. “By further integrating our product and collaborating with AWS, our shared customers benefit from faster, more reliable access to their data.”


Building on its AWS Advanced Technology Partner status, Fivetran has been recognised with additional technical distinctions by AWS. Earlier this month, it achieved the AWS Data & Analytics Competency designation. Previously, Fivetran also achieved the Amazon Redshift Ready designation.


Additionally, Fivetran will be featured in the new AWS Activate Console Exclusive Offers program allowing start-up software companies to benefit from special pricing.


Manually building and automating data pipelines is a costly process that many companies can’t afford to take on and divert important data engineering resources to maintain such pipelines. Fivetran has automated connectors that keep up with changes in source schemas and APIs, as well as generate expertly curated, query-ready schemas for normalised, aggregated and historical data.


For Fivetran and AWS customers, Fivetran extracts application and other source data from both inside and outside an AWS environment, loads and centralises all the data into Amazon Redshift, and transforms it within Amazon Redshift, so that insights may be analysed and shared. The combination of Fivetran and Amazon Redshift is helping customers including Spanx, G Adventures, Yext and Intercom dramatically accelerate time-to-value.