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Totalmobile furnishes EMH Homes with £1m savings in 2020 with transition from paper-based scheduling to digital

Totalmobile, the UK leader in Field Service Management software solutions, has saved EMH Homes, provider of affordable housing and related support in the East Midlands, £1 million through enhanced efficiency and visibility in scheduling work.

Rapid growth had led to extended group companies using different direct labour organisation (DLO) systems, making it impossible to monitor and manage KPIs across the group due to a lack of connectivity between siloed data.

Dave Shaw, Commercial Head of Maintenance for EMH Homes said, “All the different EMH Homes organisations utilised different systems to process work orders. This led to multiple works streams and a lack of integration between processes and systems. Historically, most of the organisation was paper based, so much of the costing and scheduling was done on paper. Often these papers would go missing, creating significant issues.

“We had no visibility of work being undertaken or completed. Also, depending on which sub organisation’s employees undertook the work, customers would receive varying levels of service, even though they were being presented as one business. We needed to find a system that would pull everything together so we could have consistent service delivery throughout the business.”

EMH Homes turned to Totalmobile. Since the start of 2020 its scheduling solution, Connect, has enabled EMH Homes to become more automated and digitally driven, with the solution providing transparency of jobs and schedules on the system. The business has been able to standardise workstreams and integrate systems for better visibility into the business.

Since having Connect as a single solution, EMH Homes has saved significant time and money. A cost saving of £1 million has been delivered by finding efficiencies in the scheduling of work, and from improved visibility of job assignment. Jobs are now completed much faster through an approval process which previously took days. Every job is now being checked and approved through the system in a timely manner ensuring the right costing is on the invoice and EMH Homes is not being over charged. If there is any discrepancy, then questions are being asked at the very start, before jobs are completed, saving time and money.