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Virtustream announces Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP

Virtustream, an enterprise-class cloud company and Dell Technologies business, announced Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP®, helping customers automate, copy and secure data in non-production environments. These services help improve test data quality while reducing existing system footprints and mitigating risk and ensuring compliance.

Enterprises across the globe are looking for ways to lower hardware and operational costs while shortening development cycles. However, the limited flexibility and customisation of their current refresh procedures, combined with the inability to timely refresh data in development systems, restricts their data choices. As a result, their infrastructure footprint, overall costs, and risk of data protection violations remains the same.

Virtustream’s new Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP solve these challenges through a full, end-to-end software implementation that delivers flexible data extraction, copy reduction, and masking and scrambling capabilities. Through these services, customers can easily create non-production datasets using only the data they need, reducing their overall data footprint and, consequently, their costs. With the help of Virtustream’s SAP specialists, these expert services ensure fresh testing data is safer, more reliable and available faster.

“Agile enterprises require fast, flexible and cost-effective non-production testing environments,” said Rob Scott, vice president, Professional and Managed Services, Virtustream. “Virtustream’s new Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP provide faster response times and easy flexibility while shrinking non-production systems, helping to significantly mitigate risks and reduce operational costs.”