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Modex expands business by integrating with Microsoft Azure

The global tech company Modex announced the integration of its flagship product, the Blockchain Database (BCDB) trademark solution with Microsoft Azure, one of the most important cloud computing providers available on the market.

Through this technological integration, Modex offers its middleware software as an IaaS offering on the major public clouds for clients and potential clients who wish to deploy a Modex BCDB infrastructure on their Azure cloud subscriptions to set up a hybrid infrastructure that fuses blockchain technology with the cloud. 

In the near future, Modex will offer Azure subscribers the ability to connect through a plug-and-play approach Cosmos DB, Azure Server, and Azure Blockchain to tailor their own unique infrastructure, customized to suit their business needs.

Benefits for companies that wish to make the transition to the cloud 

    • Cost-cutting – Modex has integrated its BCDB solution with the most popular public cloud infrastructure, Microsoft Azure, as a plug and play solution on their marketplace, which makes data integrity and immutability readily available, without requiring companies and businesses to support all the costs associated with an on-prem infrastructure.
    • Fast and easy technology adoption – Azure subscribers are now able to access and deploy with the push of a button a blockchain database infrastructure that enhances data protection. Modex enables companies to customize and deploy from a wizard interface the network infrastructure in a matter of minutes, compared to the weeks and even months required for deployment by other solutions present on the market. 

                Benefits for companies that are on the Azure cloud

  • Deploy multiple services – The new Modex – Azure integration sees the BCDB product published as a solution template on the Azure Marketplace. The main benefit of a solution template stems from its ability to significantly reduce deployment time by relying on automation and scripting.
  • Data security and permissioned blockchain – Once a set of minimal information has been passed in the installation interface, and the deploy button is hit, the Azure platform takes over all the heavy lifting and allocates all the hardware required for the backend processes. After the automated setup process concludes, the beneficiaries have a fully deployed BCDB infrastructure and workbench at their disposal that can be used to add a blockchain backend to their applications. 

The Modex plan is to transform the BCDB product into a complementary solution that connects the Azure database services with Azure Blockchain.

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