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Amadeus Expands Partnership with Couchbase to Help Customers Dynamically Scale and Adapt to Changing Travel Demand

With a keen desire to get back on the road, travelers are cautiously resuming to search for and book flights and hotels. But travel players are facing a challenging new reality – one where performance, flexible operations and personalized service are quickly taking on a whole new meaning in order to remain relevant.

To this end, Amadeus has extended its partnership with Couchbase, the creator of the enterprise-class, multi-cloud to edge NoSQL database. The new multi-year agreement will see Amadeus using Couchbase to dynamically scale its levels of service and continue to deploy applications quickly. Couchbase’s versatile and cloud-agnostic database already powers a number of Amadeus applications across search, shopping and merchandising for airline and hotel customers, as well as Traveler-DNA (former Customer Experience Management) – and Amadeus will be adding more in line with evolving industry needs.

Expanding its use of Couchbase is part of Amadeus’s strategy to continue taking advantage of the cloud and developing new applications to support the industry. Couchbase’s features such as integration with Kubernetes are an important element of this strategy, as well as its ease of use for developers, coupled with the agility and scalability to help solutions ramp up and complete faster.

As a result, Amadeus developers have quickly adopted Couchbase, seeing a significantly decreased time-to-market thanks to reduced data friction issues and an easier integration with third-party partners. This represents a close fit with Amadeus’ platform approach – allowing engineers to solve a growing number of complex business challenges quickly and efficiently. Ultimately this partnership opens the way towards innovative solutions that can offer greater personalization, an essential need in the current environment.

“Supporting the recovery of the travel industry is our prime objective. We are currently in a highly challenging environment, where the industry is having to react at speed to changing traveler needs and demands.” says Sylvain Roy, SVP, Technology Platforms & Engineering, Amadeus.

Roy continues, “The ability to develop new travel applications and functionality quickly, whilst ensuring those that our customers already rely on continue operating at peak effectiveness, is critical. Couchbase’s database makes it much simpler for our engineers to focus on what they do best: solving our customers’ business challenges – all the while improving collaboration with partners and developers. Our growing partnership will help us deliver the enterprise-class performance, scale, flexibility, reliability and traveler focus that our customers need, enabling us also to innovate more freely in key areas such as merchandising, NDC or loyalty.”

“Amadeus is one of our largest and most important customers, and how they have used our technology is truly impressive,” said Matt Cain, President and CEO, Couchbase. “Amadeus has built a platform on which it can dynamically scale its levels of service to reflect the current reality while supporting further innovation down the line. Our partnership with Amadeus enables the company to handle ever-changing circumstances and continue to provide customers with the best possible experience. We are proud to continue and grow our support for Amadeus on its digital journey and look forward to powering the recovery of travel and delivering future innovation together.”