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LMS365 EDU Puts Powerful Learning Tools in Instructors’ Hands

New Tools Added to Microsoft Teams for Education to Help Educators Engage Students Remotely

Today LMS365 announced the availability of LMS365 EDU, anew offering for the higher education sector that adds powerful learning tools to the existing Microsoft Teams for Education solution, including lesson planning, advanced quizzing and assessments.

The higher education industry struggles with a number of specific challenges in terms of providing and tracking courses, including understanding how to effectively teach remotely using existing tools, lesson planning, scheduling and automation, and tracking self-paced learning assets.

LMS365 provides the platform for higher education institutions to develop courses and the means of tracking both educator and student progress in a central, easily accessible hub. Whether fully online or through a blended approach, LMS365 is designed to enable continual learning and improvement of instructional practices. It provides the means to more thoroughly engage all higher education institution’s stakeholders.

  • Educators:
    • Because LMS365 is a full-service Learning Management System, its capabilities provide additional tools to deliver structured learning content from within Microsoft Teams for Education.
    • LMS365 EDU offers completely new learning designs involving innovative instructional strategies (such as simulations, project-based learning, and flipped classrooms) designed to increase engagement and, ultimately, learning. Instructors have more time to personalize learning to address individual learners’ needs.
    • Students:
    • With the LMS features, students will be immersed in learning content from Microsoft Teams for Education. They’re able to meet with up to 300 students and access persistent chat functionality to ensure everyone stays connected while learning.
    • LMS365 EDU provides more opportunities for students to connect their educational experiences to the real world and increases the retention of their learning from the classroom to real-life situations. This diverse experience can help engage students and ultimately lead them to perform better.
    • The learning institution’s faculty and staff:
    • Institutions can now address the instructional strategies involved in how students learn, rather than simply focusing on where students learn.
    • LMS365 is a full-service Learning Management System providing the ability to use the same system to train staff and faculty.

Gabriel Penaloza, founder and CEO, IBU– Led by Learning, said: “Traditional tracking methods only track completion, but LMS365 enables a customized environment where the educator can have a direct relationship with the learner. This relationship is how engagement is measured, which is an indicator of learning success. The true power of LMS365 EDU is harnessed in its capability to streamline content, freeing up time for teachers to be mentors to their students.”

Domenic Pantaleo, president, Business Training Partners International Inc., said: “Institutions need stellar training content for teachers and staff, but they also need a training delivery system that’s easy and engaging to use. LMS365 EDU meets these criteria and then goes further, with a specialized video learning series to get faculty, staff and students up to speed on how to use Teams for Education. It also provides powerful insights with Power BI reporting for persona-based analytics for teachers, staff, parents and counselors.

Christopher Rousset, managing director, Americas,LMS365, said: “Teaching has always had its challenges, but today’s learning environments call on educators to tap new wells of creativity and on institutions to tap new solutions to support all involved in the learning process. We are proud to partner with Microsoft Teams for Education to deliver elevated learning experiences for students and educators in a COVID-19 environment.”

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