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SecuX Wallet now features Buy Crypto through Coinify

SecuX Technology Inc. is a Taiwan-based cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider with its owned technical design, product manufacturing, international marketing and sales distribution to the global online retail shops and some allied partners. Now SecuX STONE Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets add Buy Crypto feature on its Wallet Web App (My Wallet on SecuX official website) through Coinify.

More and more crypto investors start realizing that they have to store their crypto-assets in a hardware wallet if they want to avoid any cyber or physical attack from the crackers. However, in a normal situation, they have to create an account on an Exchange first, buy the crypto coins/tokens and save it in their account on this exchange (hot wallet), then transact to their hardware wallet offline to be away from being stolen! Definitely it is most secured concept to keep their crypto funds safe, but the whole process takes a bit longer time and higher cost of the transaction fees (mining fees or gas fees).

From now on, SecuX Wallet users can just click one button to buy the crypto coins/tokens immediately on SecuX Wallet Web App through and save their cryptocurrencies directly in a cold storage. Coinify will charge the same for those users to buy the crypto coins/tokens via SecuX Web Wallet or a hot wallet created on

Moreover, SecuX Wallet adds another useful feature in its latest MCU Firmware Version 2.9 that users may Send All the crypto coins or tokens out of the existing account; means to clear the balance and remain 0 in the SecuX wallet account. This new feature is available for SecuX PC and mobile device users.

Meanwhile, as awarded the “Best Cross-platform Hardware Wallet in 2019” by CV Magazine and “Top 3 Best Crypto Hardware Wallet 2020” by Buzz Prime and Best Stuff, SecuX shall make a big stride to expand its business 2021. Strategic Partners such as Online Resellers, Wholesalers, Customized Project Owners are all required by SecuX for a long-term alliance partnership.