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Trust in ITSM implementers plummets among customers with multiple systems

New research shows customers with more than one ITSM system are less likely to trust the IT service management consultants and implementers they have done business with.

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of IT chiefs with more than one system have changed or stopped working with an ITSM implementer company because it wasn’t serving their needs, compared with just 16% who have a single ITSM system, the research by specialist ITSM consultancy Xcession finds.

And whereas 43% of IT bosses with one ITSM system say consultants meet their expectations all of the time, the figure slumps to only 29% among those running more than one system. The findings are placed into significance as the research identified that 80% of respondents currently use more than one ITSM system, and more than half (51%) operate between two and five.

“The more systems that customers have, the more likely they are to be disenchanted with implementers,” said Neil Peerman, Chief Operations Officer, Xcession. “This is because close ties to specific software vendors severely limit many implementers’ cross-platform expertise, restrict customer choice and undermine delivery. Our research shows we need more transparency about relationships from implementers and greater appreciation of vendor-independent expertise among customers.”

The research also found that 57% of IT decision-makers with more than one system suspect an implementer of selling them sell more licences than necessary, compared with just 16% operating only one ITSM system.

The research was conducted among 250 CTOs, CIOs and senior IT decision-makers from public and private sectors in the UK and Ireland, exploring attitudes to the ITSM implementer market. To find out more about the research,  download the full report here