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Socura addresses NHS’s cyber security challenges in a post-pandemic world

Today, cyber security expert Socura has launched an insights paper exploring the changing cyber security landscape in health and care organisations in the UK, with a specific focus on the NHS. With health and care organisations struggling to gain full visibility and control of their IT assets in the post-COVID era, this insights piece outlines the key steps needed to move beyond prevention, to detection and response, that enables vital digital change.

Marc Chang, CEO and Founder of Socura, explains: “The proliferation of connected devices is exposing health trusts to the risk of “cyber physical” attacks, where virtual threats have a real world impact on patients. Coupled with resource and funding constraints, health and care organisations face widening visibility gaps, exposing them to ever more sophisticated, targeted threats.”

An explosion in remote working endpoints and new technology investments brought about by the pandemic has created fresh security challenges and potential blind spots. With medical consultations being moved onto digital channels and VPNs turning into remote working bottlenecks, many health and care organisations are struggling to deploy patches and updates, or maintain visibility of remote endpoints.

The insights paper emphasises another pressing challenge. Organisations like the NHS are putting data into cloud environments from multiple vendors and, as a result, the detection and response to threats requires even more focus and investment to protect dispersed systems and data. Greater cloud adoption changes the risk profile and ownership, which needs to be considered in order to avoid increasing the attack surface for cyber criminals to target.

Jamie Brummell, Socura Co-Founder and CTO, adds: “The growing cybercrime economy has helped foment a new breed of advanced, targeted attacks using techniques that were once the preserve of only a few APT groups. Health and care organisations are not immune to this threat. With the help of prompt patching, anti-malware on end user devices, regular end user training, network segmentation, and strict user access controls commodity threats can be repelled. However, IT security leaders must go one step further in their efforts by moving beyond prevention alone, to also focus on detection and response.”

With a no compromise approach to security telemetry, Socura uses the very best security analysts with best-in-class technology from Palo Alto Networks and Google Chronicle. The Socura MDR service offers proactive threat detection, hunting and response capability, identifying and containing cyber threats in near real-time.

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