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IT workers missing people from the office the most

Working in the office allows you to regularly catch up with your colleagues over the water cooler, coffee or even over your lunch break. But while we’re working from home, it’s made being social a little bit more difficult.

Following lockdown after lockdown, data from the Office for National Statistics showed that the number of people now working from home is at around 47%, with 86% of those people doing so as a direct result of the pandemic.

A recent survey by banner printers instantprint discovered some interesting data from those they surveyed about working from home and their feelings towards it.

What IT workers miss most about the office

Take yourself back to the office – now think about some of the things you miss. Is it the smell of coffee brewing in the morning? Is it the hustle and bustle of people arriving on a morning? According to instantprint’s survey, they found that among the top things that those who work in IT miss the most are the people (43%), the general office environment (30%), the small talk (26%) and getting ready in the morning (25%).

Some of the things they miss the least are the after-work drinks (3.8%) and the office drama (1.9%). Do we think that if we ever make the transition back into the office environment that people will be as happy as they once were? Or are people now too accustomed to working from their homes?

How do IT employees get distracted at home

Working from home is a challenge for us all. Jon Constantine-Smith, head of instantprint, commented, “The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up lots of challenges for businesses and for lots of people working from home is one of them. Looking at the survey results, it’s fair to say the majority of people are working harder than ever but it is clear that some are taking advantage of their employers by doing less than normal or in some cases nothing at all.”

The survey from instantprint dug up some pretty interesting findings. For example, those working in IT have been known to spend time they should be working watching films or on Netflix (28%), taking a nap (24%) and even running errands (21%). There won’t be time for any of that if they head back to the office in the future!

What’s the worst lingo according to them?

We all love to hate office and email lingo. From strange acronyms to company specific words, it can be never-ending having to keep up-to-date with them all. Among the ones that IT workers hate the most are “WFH” (21%), The ‘Rona (21%) and Furlough (19%). I’m sure we’d all agree that there are certain ones that we’d like to see the back of in 2021 and beyond.