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Team-Bonding From a Distance – 3 Companies That Can Help

The office may seem like a distant memory for many with working from home as the new normal. Whilst there are some benefits to this (hello, working from bed), it can get lonely. Work colleagues can make or break your office experience and some are keenly feeling their absence at the moment. 

Organising team activities can generate a sense of community in this time where people need it most. By organising social activities for your team, it shows your staff that you value and appreciate them as people. It also sends a message that your work culture is important, even away from the office, and that their job is more than just the work that they do. 

After-Work Drinks

There is nothing like a trip to the local pub after a long day of work. After-work drinks are a time-old tradition and the birthplace of many beautiful workplace friendships. Although pubs and bars may not be available at the moment, you can still get the team together for a fun and boozy night. 

For a classier affair, you can explore the many different cocktail kits available online and get them sent to staff members’ homes. TasteCocktails specialise in make-your-own-drinks kits (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). The kit includes all the ingredients and recipe instructions. With everything from mojitos to specialist gins, there is something for everyone. With kits starting from only £16, TasteCocktails will definitely give you something to cheers to! 

Team Meal

Sometimes team-bonding can be as simple as getting together for a meal. Brighten up an otherwise ordinary weeknight and organise to all eat “together” over video conferencing. To go one step further, why not organise meal kits to be sent to staff? 

Many restaurants or specialised companies organise step-by-step recipe boxes complete with the necessary ingredients. This is a fun way to get all the team involved. At the end you can sit down and enjoy your delicious meal together over Zoom! 

Plateaway does the hard work for you and gets the best restaurant meal kits one one platform. All meal kits contain the necessary ingredients for a restaurant quality meal allowing your team to spend a fun evening putting them together, step-by-step. There are over 50 restaurants available and kits range from £4 to £111 so you are sure to find something to suit your tastes and price bracket.

Games Night

With no holidays, no seeing our friends and no trips to the pub, life can feel far from fun at the moment. Why not bring some excitement to your team and organise a games night? Steamed Egg is one of the pioneers of virtual team games working with VR headsets to bond remote team members.

Companies can choose from 6 games encouraging communication, strategic thinking and lots of fun memories. Prices begin from £24 per person and games range from half an hour to four hours. The best bit, up to 125 guests can play at once, so no one needs to miss out on the fun!