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Red Box and Medallia Partner to Help Companies Understand the Impact of Every Customer Engagement Taking Place Across the Enterprise in Real-Time

Medallia, the global leader in experience management and engagement, announced a strategic integration with Red Box Conversa, a leading platform for voice capture. The partnership will empower enterprise organisations to understand and optimise the customer experience and to drive operational efficiencies at scale through real-time analysis of high-quality audio and media data sets captured by Conversa and transcribed by Medallia.

Seamless integration to company-wide conversations captured by Conversa coupled with Medallia Experience Cloud transcription, will deliver deep insights to customer sentiment and drive revenue-impacting business decisions to retain customers and avoid costly churn.

“With disruptive forces placing even more pressure on businesses, the powerful insights provided by Medallia, enabling the optimisation of the customer journey is likely to be a critical success factor,” said Pete Ellis, Red Box CPO. “However, timely access to the high-quality insights generated by Medallia is directly linked to both the quality and customer sovereignty of the data fuelling the platform. These issues are often not understood or are overlooked by organisations using legacy recording vendors and we’re delighted to partner with Medallia to help enterprises overcome them and maximise ROI.”

“Red Box Conversa and Medallia Speech unlock a goldmine of untapped insights into revenue-impacting customer sentiment, making Medallia an essential cloud technology for companies of all sizes,” said Steve Vierra, senior vice president channels, alliances and global partnerships for Medallia.

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