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Irish Companies Seek Greater Flexibility Through Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Third Annual Nutanix Survey Finds Irish Companies Challenged by Legacy Datacentres but Committed to Hybrid Cloud

Nutanix, Inc. a leader in private cloud, hybrid, and multicloud computing has released an analysis of its third global Enterprise Cloud Index survey showing how Irish companies compare with the rest of the world when it comes to hybrid cloud adoption.

The annual survey revealed that global enterprises plan to aggressively shift investment to hybrid cloud architectures during the next five years, and respondents from Ireland fell in line with that trend. For the third year in a row, hybrid cloud was cited most often as the ideal IT operating model by global ECI respondents. Specifically, those from Ireland (85%), the  Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region (82%), and the global ECI response pool (87%) selected hybrid cloud as the best IT model for their organisations.

Key findings:

  • IT departments in Ireland still run an inordinate number of legacy datacentres. The percentage of respondents from Ireland that still exclusively run traditional, non-cloud-enabled datacentres (31%) is higher than any country polled except for Serbia (50%). However, respondents from Ireland expressed ambitious plans to decommission all their legacy datacentres, largely in favour of hybrid clouds, over the next five years.
  • Irish IT departments are outpacing many of their peers with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) deployments, a pivotal step on the journey to hybrid cloud. HCI sharply reduces the time it takes to build the software-defined infrastructure necessary to support private cloud and supports the rapid capacity expansion that enables the scalability benefits of cloud technology. A third (33%) of respondents from Ireland said they’ve already fully deployed HCI; another 25% said they’re in the process of doing so. The 58% of respondents from Ireland that have deployed or are deploying HCI outpaces the 50% of global respondents  who are using or deploying HCI.
  • Security, privacy, and compliance strengths together represent the number one deciding factor when considering new IT deployments. This was generally true across all countries, though by a smaller percentage (16%) in Ireland than across Europe (20%) and across all countries (21%) surveyed.  While security was mentioned as an IT decision factor most often by IT pros from Ireland, they also indicated that they care a bit more about supporting teleworkers, remote offices, and disaster recovery than their peers elsewhere.
  • IT departments in Ireland said they’re making infrastructure changes primarily to gain the flexibility needed to meet business demands (64%) and to gain better control of IT usage (54%). Cost, by contrast, wasn’t a driving factor. Just 28% said they hoped to save money by changing their IT operating models.

“It is of no surprise that companies in Ireland are on a journey to ramp up their hybrid cloud use. In search of greater flexibility to deliver on business needs, greater control over IT resource consumption, and of course, to enable the surge towards home working, they are well-placed to realise the benefits of hybrid cloud,” commented Fergal O’Sullivan, Sales Director for Ireland at Nutanix. “The COVID-19 pandemic clearly forced many respondents’ hands in beefing up public cloud infrastructure to quickly accommodate large numbers of at-home workers. However, in doing so, it has boosted cloud use, spurring the growth of underlying cloud infrastructure that’s essential to hybrid cloud plans and, more broadly, to corporate digital transformation initiatives.”

To learn more about the report and findings, please download the full third Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index, here.