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StorCentric Closes 2020 As Another Year of Record Growth and Product Innovation

StorCentric, a global provider of world-class and award-winning data management solutions, today announced it has closed 2020 on a high note with a greater than 35% CAGR achieved over the past several years. During 2020, the company continued to grow and diversify its market participation through innovation, with the launch of over eight new products; strategic investment, with the acquisition of Violin Systems; and the strengthening and expansion of customer relationships, while increasing operational efficiencies.

As the events of 2020 forced the world to change in rapid, unprecedented ways, organizations of all types and sizes around the world looked to technology to build and protect enterprise resilience, driving increased demands for data management solutions. To meet these new customer challenges, StorCentric introduced eight new products during the year, including the Unbreakable Backup solution which provides security against the rising ransomware attacks business are facing today. Furthermore in 2020, StorCentric was able to increase operational efficiencies by consolidating its supply chain and leveraging higher product volumes, creating a unified support team and streamlining operations across all functions.

“It goes without saying that the past year will go down in history as challenging for countless reasons. For StorCentric, however, it has been a transformative year,” said Mihir Shah, CEO of StorCentric. “Our tremendous achievements, including product announcements, operational efficiencies as well as our ability to meet our customers’ diverse requirements and exceed their expectations, would not have been possible without our unparalleled global employee team and strategic partners.” He continued, “We look forward to the promise of 2021, and maintaining this exceptional momentum.”

Highlights of StorCentric’s 2020 achievements include:

Corporate Momentum:



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StorCentric recently launched a video looking back over the past year to recognize and thank its employees and strategic partners for their dedication and invaluable contributions to its success, found here: The video includes details on even more achievements across all the StorCentric brands, including accolades from many of the most respected voices across the industry.