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Adaptavist Adds Atlassian Jira Align Specialization Badge to Enterprise Agile Transformation Credentials

Adaptavist Ltd, a digital transformation leader, has been awarded the Jira Align Specialization Badge by Atlassian Corporation Plc (NASDAQ: TEAM). Held by a handful of firms worldwide, this distinction recognises companies with a proven track record of successful enterprise agile consultancy, and deep expertise with the Jira Align agile planning tool.

As Rick Cobb, Head of Scaled Agile Sales at Atlassian, states, “Adaptavist has delivered successful agile transformation outcomes for some of our biggest joint customers, including multiple implementations of Jira Align. We’re thrilled to highlight these accomplishments by awarding Adaptavist the Jira Align Specialization Badge.”

This certification is given to select Atlassian Solution Partners who have not only met rigorous requirements for specialised training in the entire Jira Align lifecycle — from discovery, through to delivery, outcomes assurance, and expansion of the technology — but who have also demonstrated success in multiple implementations of the software for large organisations.

Jira Align is an enterprise agile planning tool which can be a powerful asset to organisations practicing lean-agile methodologies at scale, by providing them with a new level of visibility, information flow, and alignment across every level of the business. Success with the tool hinges on a holistic approach, integrating Jira Align into the process and culture shifts that are the other key pillars of enterprise agility — whether that approach is part of a SAFe® transformation, or utilises other processes or frameworks.

The Badge is part of a suite of certifications held by Adaptavist, joining its Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner and Scaled Agile® Gold Partner status, along with Gitlab, Slack, and other partnerships. These strategic relationships bring additional depth and support to the Adaptavist solutions which help complex organisations deliver on the promises of digital transformation.

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