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Cantium Business Solutions delivers IT infrastructure to Kent’s symptom free COVID-19 testing sites within days

Cantium Business Solutions, a specialist provider of IT, HR and finance solutions, has provided IT support for the establishment of 24 new COVID-19 symptom free testing sites in Kent, as part of the Kent County Council’s coronavirus response plan. 

Working in partnership with Kent County Council, Cantium was briefed to help establish its new testing sites to help reduce the Coronavirus transmission rates for those that may not be displaying symptoms at a critical moment in the pandemic response. Working under an accelerated time frame between Christmas and the New Year, Cantium delivered the necessary IT set-up for the 24 sites and is providing ongoing out of hours IT support. Through its IT Service Desk, Cantium has set up priority channels to ensure out-of-hours support seven days a week.

To help workers accurately check-in users and keep record of crucial data, Cantium sourced and delivered all of the required hardware, including laptops, smart phones and tablets. The team configured 48 laptops with dual accounts to enable two members of staff to use each device and created more than 450 accounts. The 168 smartphones and 100 Lenovo tablets were asset tagged and configured with mobile device management. Cantium ensured connectivity through wireless access points which were installed at multiple points throughout the sites.

Mark Scott, CEO at Cantium Business Solutions comments: “We are proud to play a vital role in testing centre operations. Our team worked very hard over the festive period to provide these necessary and urgent IT solutions to the community. It is evident that the strategic partnership between public and private sectors allows for the sharing of resources and expertise, and this has been imperative in the collective fight against Covid-19.”

Kent’s Testing Centres are now operational and delivering rapid symptom free COVID-19 testing to its 1.8 million citizens to help stem the progression of the virus and protect the county’s residents from infection.