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Innserve Toasts Success Saving 500 Hours Per Year with the SOTI ONE Platform and Panasonic TOUGHBOOK L1 Rugged Tablets

Customer service levels increased by 25% as well as reducing the cost and complexity of business operations

Innserve, the UK’s leading independent national drinks dispensing business, has saved 500 worker hours in the past year alone as well as increased its customer service levels by 25% thanks to the SOTI ONE Platform and Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOK L1 rugged tablets.

With updates required on technicians’ mobile devices every two to three weeks, Innserve was finding it difficult to ensure devices were being updated when required. The company lost valuable time and resources when reaching out to technicians to advise them to update their devices.

Additionally, to get a new device up and running, or to troubleshoot and fix mobile tech issues on devices current used in the field, the IT team would spend upwards of two hours on the phone speaking with a technician to resolve issues. These manual processes proved inefficient and time-consuming, negatively impacting the IT team’s ability to respond to more critical tasks affecting the business.

The SOTI ONE Platform allowed for these software updates to be scheduled remotely across the company’s Panasonic TOUGHBOOK L1 Android tablets before technicians began their service calls for the day, now taking minutes, not hours. Moreover, devices now automatically sync with the central system. Technicians receive their daily appointment schedule, plan their routes and record information about service calls on their device.

They can now also order parts, send emails, access HR systems and training videos, and share information with customers. To help keep each device secure, technicians can access apps through a single sign-on feature and have access to SOTI Assist, the industry’s first diagnostic helpdesk solution built for mobile devices.

“We require rugged Android devices that are functional, reliable and competitively priced,” said Kieran Delaney, Director of IT at Innserve. “But it is not just the device, it’s the service and maintenance that comes with it that is critical to the running of our operations. In addition, because we develop our own desktop and mobile applications, ongoing support for future versions of Android is incredibly important to us to ensure we can continue to take advantage of future innovations.”

The ability to remotely manage mobile devices, push software updates and troubleshoot mobile device issues, empowers Innserve to drive efficiencies and stay ahead of the competition. Innserve no longer has to chase its technicians to update their devices because it can be scheduled and managed remotely using SOTI MobiControl, part of the SOTI ONE Platform.

“Innserve has not only saved time and money but has also seen an improvement in its operational efficiency due to integration with to the SOTI ONE Platform,” said Sarah Edge, Regional Director of Enterprise Mobility UK at SOTI. “SOTI MobiControl and Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOK L1 tablet deployment have substantially improved Innserve’s productivity and reduced the cost and complexity of its business operations, as well as increasing customer service levels by 25%.”

“Our success story, as a business and an IT department, has been our ability to be flexible and pivot to meet the needs of our customers and our field technicians, and that is such a powerful attribute in our business,” continued Delaney. “Not only have we reduced device downtime, we’ve also managed to save over 500 worker hours in the past year leading to an increase in productivity. Our relationship with Panasonic and SOTI helps us to achieve this flexibility.”