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Milestone £2.3 million Client Cost Saving for EAS Automation

RPA specialist EAS has reached a landmark milestone, delivering £2.3 million in cost savings for its clients, through the development and deployment of software robots to replace manual, repetitive processes and freeing up valuable employee time to focus on more complex tasks.

EAS has built a staggering 86 software robots to date, automating over 150 processes since its formation only 5 years ago, many of which have been for its national clients in the healthcare, financial and legal services sectors.

This achievement follows its announcement earlier this year that the company has set an ambitious target to surpass the £1m mark in 2021.

Phil Lewis, EAS Co-founder and Director explains: “We’ve helped customers at all stages of their automation journey, from educating on how automation can make their business processes more efficient, to complex process automation project deployments spanning thousands of users.

“Advancements in technology means that we have been able to radically reduce manual processing for many customers, as RPA can optically recognise text and process documents according to their content. NLP (Natural Language Processing) can then take that one step further and use it’s artificial intelligence to make decisions about credit scoring for example, or risk assessment.

“RPA can also enable customer interaction through channels such as chat bots, and AI can provide a rich interpretive layer over that technology to better communicate with customers through open dialogue. So as well as increased employee productivity and engagement and the savings associated with this, there are also additional benefits such improvements in customer call handling.”

Lewis Hardwick, Co-founder and Director of EAS also commented: “RPA is a relatively new technology, and we have taken great pleasure in working with many clients over the past 4 and a half years, in identifying which processes can be streamlined and eventually automated with the software robots that we custom build to meet their exact requirements.

“We work very hard to understand and determine the value that could be uncovered by automating the process, so we can glean detailed insight into which processes are causing the most pain (and cost) for the client businesses that we have supported to date. So as you can imagine we are thrilled to see the cumulative cost savings that have been achieved for our clients to date.”

With a business model perfectly suited to today’s business challenges, EAS Automation was founded in 2015 and provides Robotic Process Automation solutions to organisations across legal, pharma and public sectors. EAS focuses on supporting organisations with business process automation saving customers time, money and resources and is now considered one of the UK’s leading RPA specialist consultancies.

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