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Roby AI Doubles Client Base and Announces New Partnerships to Empower Property Sector with Flexible Automation

Roby AI, the PropTech startup transforming the lettings industry, today announces plans to ramp up its presence in the UK market, after cementing partnerships with Homeppl and Greenkite. Since doubling its client base during the pandemic, Roby AI, whose customers include one of the largest global property companies JLL, is expanding its level of automation and providing the industry with much needed data to make key business decisions.

Its recent integrations with Homeppl, a challenger brand with an innovative approach to tenant referencing systems, and Greenkite, London’s leading professional inventory company for agents and their landlords to create massive efficiencies for its customers. In one case, an inventory check that historically required at least 3 email communications and 5-7 minutes of an employee’s time, is now completed in one click via Greenkite.

Since launching in the UK in 2019, the company has built up a high-profile client base, partnering with companies such as LabTech, a leading provider in the co-working sector, to develop and implement intelligent process automation. Multiple UK agents, specialising in a range of offerings, including student living and prime residential property, are all adopters of the Roby tool.

Tom Reiss, Co-Founder and CEO, Roby AI, says: “The pandemic has been a huge challenge for the property sector and now is the time where businesses are starting to reassess the importance of technology in day-to-day processes. Our customers have doubled their automated workflows since the pandemic began and are now reaping the benefits of integrating tech with their business.”

Roby’s advanced AI personal assistant leverages the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and enables property companies to easily automate and manage different business processes such as property maintenance requests, property inventories, and automated viewing & scheduling. Roby AI’s customers typically select between 5-12 different elements of their business that they’d like to become automated, Roby then automates 65-85% of this process and reduces the workload of employees by 40-45%.

Roby AI, which is expanding its team in the UK, prides itself on a ‘lego brick’ style philosophy where clients can easily intertwine automated features with their day-to-day business processes, helping them to become agile and adaptable during the pandemic. The cost of the tool is a subscription fee and based on estate agents’ portfolio size.

Reiss adds: “Maintaining an element of human touch in the process has always been our mission. Our objective isn’t to make traditional roles redundant, but to help agents offload time-consuming tasks so they can focus on higher value business objectives, such as winning new business and having more time to juggle multiple customers. As well as a huge increase in automation, our customers are now re-evaluating a wide range of business areas with help from Roby’s operational and management dashboards. Having already integrated with Zoopla, Rightmove, Stripe and Docusign, the addition of Homeppl will strengthen our offering further and help bring massive efficiencies to the pre-tenancy process.”