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These are the most trusted tech brands according to Google

A new study from KO2 Embedded Recruitment Solutions has discovered the most trusted tech brands by analysing the search volume for privacy related queries for 50 of the world’s biggest tech brands.
Coming out on top as the most trusted tech brand is electric car and solar energy company Tesla.
This was followed by gaming brand Nintendo.
Other popular brands ranking in the top 10 most trusted tech brands include Netflix, eBay and YouTube.
At the bottom end of the scale was messaging service WeChat followed by TikTok.
With video calls having been a mainstay of the past year, it was interesting to see both Skype and Zoom ranked as some of the lesser trusted brands, with Zoom narrowly beating Skype in the consumer trust stakes.
When it comes to the world of online dating, Bumble was found to rank higher in the consumer trust stakes than Tinder or Grindr.
The full research and results are available here >