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End of lockdown focus delivers partner agency growth for Aero ecommerce platform

Aero Commerce has maintained its position as one of the UK’s fastest growing partnered ecommerce platform with an increase to its stable of partner digital agencies.

In just over a year since launching the platform, Aero is now being offered to UK and international retail businesses by a group of more than 80 agencies. The pace of this growth puts Aero ahead of some of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms’ activity in the UK.

The 20 percent month-on-month growth in its agency partners, with more set to join in the coming months, is putting Aero on course to process transactions of £250m in 2021.

Its active agency partners are utilising Aero’s platform as the core for clients’ ecommerce projects to deliver bespoke, experience-based web stores for retail clients, with new sites launching weekly.

Aero Commerce has also established relationships with recognised financial providers including PayPal, Klarna, Total Processing and Trust Payments.

Agency partners receive extensive support from the Aero development and sales teams, which goes beyond receiving a licence to apply the platform’s code to clients’ ecommerce stores.  Most significantly, Aero Commerce also provides a retailer lead generation service to agencies via its new retailer outreach programme.

Richard Bendelow, CEO of Aero Commerce, said: “The supported, partnered approach from an ecommerce platform business is proving to be the preferred route for a growing number of digital agencies that can provide their retail clients with more than just a bolt-on open-source platform.  We have developed Aero to effectively integrate into bespoke retail web stores, giving developers the flexibility to provide not only a lightning-fast solution, but one that is fully tailored to the needs of their retailers.

“It also creates a basis for ongoing collaboration, enabling our team to have an intimate understanding of the changing requirements of agencies, retailers and shoppers as we continue to evolve our platform, but also introduce agencies to new retailers, which they don’t receive from other ‘arms-length’ ecommerce platforms.”

Sarkis Salleh, managing director ITQ Digital, an Aero Commerce partner agency, said: “Working with Aero Commerce is a fresh alternative to other solutions and enables us to develop a close and collaborative long-term relationship with its team alongside benefitting from all of the operational benefits of the Aero platform.”