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Start-up launches app designed to disrupt the monopoly on messaging

For over a decade, Facebook has dominated social media and messaging, acquiring Instagram and Whatsapp to add to its empire and create the ultimate monopoly on messaging platforms. Amidst growing consumer concern over data privacy a new and innovative free mobile communications app that puts privacy at the heart of all it does has announced its launch. LinxApp is a real-time messaging platform that offers users ad free, private conversations.

Founder Zabi Zamir recognised that the current instant message platforms needed a shakeup and after successfully launching social networking app InLinx, Zamir has launched this new platform to facilitate change and ensure users feel safe and secure online. Earlier this year, Whatsapp faced backlash against the scale of its data collection, as a platform which promises privacy, but is owned by the world’s largest data harvesting company. With opinion leaders including Billionaire tech titan Elon Musk publicly moving away from Facebook and it’s messaging services, the launch of of Linxapp couldn’t come at a better time. It’s part of a new breed of more advanced, fully customisable and functional messaging platforms that give a glimpse of what the messaging apps of the future will look like, whilst setting a new benchmark in security and integrating next generation features.

Zabi Zamir, Founder comments “After the successful launch of InLinx, it was vital to design a platform that allowed users privacy and personalisation when messaging. We identified a growing demand for new messaging platforms amidst backlash against current market leaders, with news of Whatsapp changing its data sharing policy to tie in with Facebook, users are now looking for alternative ways to safely interact. Linxapp is ultimately making messaging a safe place to share information and connect with people all over the world.”

Many of us are now relying on instant messaging services as the number one way to communicate, since the seismic shift to work from home and continued changes to business infrastructure. Tapping into the need to connect globally both for business and personal use, the app not only allows for instant and easy communication, but it also allows users to expand their social offering and make new friends both globally and locally. Users can enter a free chatroom, either with their real name and photo or with a nickname and fun picture, to meet and communicate with anyone at any time. Filters including age, gender and location can be tailored to suit. Since its launch last month, the app has grown a user base of 5,000 and is on course to hit 75,000 users by the end of 2021.