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Informa and Totem sign global deal to launch the ConnectMe platform for seamless virtual & hybrid events

Informa, the global events and publishing group, has collaborated with virtual events provider Totem to launch ConnectMe, a pure self-serve platform to revolutionise Informa’s virtual & hybrid events experience.

ConnectMe is a new bespoke iteration of the Totem platform that Informa plans to roll out across hundreds of its conferences and exhibitions globally. The aim is to provide a seamless hybrid experience for hundreds of thousands of delegates and exhibitors at both established events and new ones that have been launched virtually.

Initially, Informa plans to use ConnectMe as the platform for industry-leading events such as SuperReturn and IM|Power and will continue to expand its use throughout the year into all of the company’s events, sectors and brands.

Totem launched its own hybrid events platform in 2020 with the aim of reimagining the virtual events landscape in the wake of COVID-19. Totem allows clients to have their own, white-labelled bespoke branded landscape so that they are not sharing the same experience with their competitors.

Informa will use ConnectMe to host events of any size from meetings for 10 delegates to large events for thousands.  At its core is a truly interactive experience that is constantly evolving with an impressive feature set rolling out throughout 2021.

Isobel Peck, Chief Marketing Officer, Informa Connect, said: “With the launch of ConnectMe with Totem, Informa is preparing itself for the next stage in the events experience, one in which we can seamlessly curate and blend the physical and virtual, ensuring the two are complementary, not competitive.

“ConnectMe will ensure that we can cater for varying levels of audience readiness to re-enter physical spaces by ensuring that neither physical nor virtual audiences feel they are excluded from a truly optimal experience. In 2021 and beyond, that is the service we aim to achieve, and ConnectMe will help us to do it.”

Christopher Bo Shields, CCO and Co-founder, Totem, said: “Working with Informa, we realised we have much in common. We both agree that a true hybrid event is one where both physical and virtual audiences have been considered right from the start. ConnectMe is the logical conclusion of that viewpoint. Not only does it provide a broad range of flexible opportunities for sponsorship, but it also promises to provide every single delegate with a unique friction-free event where they are placed right at the centre of the experience.”