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HelpSystems’ GoAnywhere MFT Achieves AS4 Drummond Certification Strengthening Company’s Security Suite Offerings

HelpSystems announced today that its GoAnywhere managed file transfer (MFT) solution is now AS4-certified by Drummond Group. This certification recognises that GoAnywhere meets the full interoperability testing, so information is exchanged and received securely and according to the Applicability Statement 4 (AS4) standards.

AS4 is a newer security protocol that makes it easy to use web services to transfer important files between parties. AS4 popularity is rising because it easily supports attachments and uploads or downloads of virtually any file type.

In addition, AS4 supports multiple attachments/payloads in a single transaction, while AS2 is limited to a single file at a time. Bi-directional transfers (uploads and downloads) are also possible with AS4. AS2 is only push-oriented (uploading only).

AS4 Drummond Certification benefits organisations by providing assurance that as their digital operations grow, the solutions they use to exchange files with third parties and trading partners are thoroughly vetted for security and interoperability.

“By going through the intensive testing process, we are able to recognise and act on organisations’ need for ever-more secure and interoperable protocols,” said Brian Pick, Managing Director for HelpSystems’ MFT. “Drummond certification for our AS4 solution delivers tested proof that GoAnywhere MFT has the ability to seamlessly integrate with other applications when exchanging information.”