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VIPRE streamlines the business security journey with new defence bundles

VIPRE UK and Ireland today announces the release of its latest cybersecurity defence bundles – providing businesses with protection at their core, edge or across the entire business network.

VIPRE’s latest packages marry the essential security foundations of email and endpoint protection with the emerging necessities of security awareness training, web access control, protection from misaddressed emails, multi-layered DLP and cloud-based VPN.

The majority of organisations have at least some basic security embedded within their infrastructure, with email and endpoint protection being fundamental components of that. However, with an ever-increasing number of sophisticated cyberattacks targeting businesses across all industries, IT departments can no longer sit comfortably with just the basics. They need to look at new emerging technologies in security defence and invest in a tiered defence strategy to stay protected.

To keep sensitive data as secure as possible, organisations need multiple layers of protection, consisting of roles for both humans and technology. To assure their future, they must first invest in their employees, giving them adequate tools and training to help them make the right decisions. The benefits of an educated and empowered workforce far outweigh the cost of the investment and enables the business to stay one step ahead of attackers.

Particularly for those businesses who have made the transition from office to hybrid or remote workforces, new threats have emerged, meaning a new approach to security is vital. It’s crucial that these businesses begin to transition towards a new way of protection. For those who are starting to consider enhancing their security portfolio, building on the basics and being proactive about protection, VIPRE’s new security suites are a great way to begin this journey.

Whether it’s time to upgrade the security foundations businesses already have in place, or for new businesses looking for an all-in-one, modern security solution, VIPRE’s new packages combine key security solutions for today’s IT-savvy businesses. It’s time to take security to the next level in an organisation’s defence strategy by including its network, data and people – businesses can no longer rely on just the basics.

VIPRE’s Security Suites are available at three levels:

  • Core Defence – The core of the organisation includes the employees and the devices they use, so this package helps to protect the heart of a business’ network. This includes top-rated Endpoint Security with the added benefit of Web Access Control and Business Cloud VPN, securing organisations’ networks, while drastically reducing device and employee downtime if servers and workstations are targeted by ransomware and phishing attacks. Included within this security suite is also VIPRE Security Awareness Training Core to ensure users are aware of the threats targeting them and educating them in how to keep the business safe from cyber-attack.


  • Edge Defence – Beyond protecting just the core, this bundle protects the boundary of the organisation at the edge of the network, where employees use email to communicate with the outside world. The Edge Defence offering includes additional elements, such as Advanced Threat Protection and SafeSend DLP, aiming to build a smarter, safer workforce kept safe from misaddressed email and data loss. As with the Core Defence offering, Edge Defence also delivers training to employees aimed at keeping them alert to perimeter based threats.


  • Complete Defence – This bundle protects an organisation’s entire network of devices, email, people and data, by not only encrypting, scanning, and validating email contents and recipients, but also enforcing acceptable use policies to reduce complaints and legal threats. This security suite of solutions brings all the advanced security solutions together, forming a 360 defence strategy.

As organisations grow, managing many security solutions can become complex, but this can be simplified with one overarching defence strategy. Businesses adopting any one of these security suites are committing to a defence strategy aimed at protecting their core, edge or complete network with one experienced vendor, reducing their admin investment and moving to one support number, one account manager and one bill – providing a streamlined experience.

Andrea Babbs, UK General Manager, VIPRE Security, comments: “The cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, and as the ongoing pandemic presents even more opportunities for hackers to strike, businesses need to implement the right solutions to strengthen their cyber defence strategy. VIPRE’s latest bundles offer a portfolio of digital security tools to mitigate security risks as much as possible and support businesses in starting to streamline their security efforts under the remit of one expert provider.

“A cyber aware culture with the right technology is crucial, and we aim to support organisations with a more comprehensive, multi-layered approach to security. With over 25 years of security expertise and one of the industry’s longest-standing and experienced vendors, we want to help our customers on this journey to gain more from their security solutions. These elements cannot be considered in isolation, but instead as part of a journey for additional protection.”