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Governance software adopted by 20 housing associations in Scotland

Antrim-headquartered Decision Time has reached another major milestone as it continues to expand its presence in the UK.

The company, which provides governance software for managing meetings, risks and objectives, has secured a landmark contract with Link Group, making it the 20th housing association in Scotland to implement Decision Time’s software and over 60 in the UK.

Decision Time provides solutions across the UK and Ireland to both private and public sector organisations including housing, local and central government, health, education, IT and financial services.

Founded by Northern Ireland entrepreneurs Geoff and Sinead Higgins, its cloud-based software makes it easier for organisations to practice good governance, risk management and strategic performance.

In the last two years, the company has more than doubled its customer base continuing to win business from large global competitors. And its projections are for revenues to more than double from £2.4million per annum in 2020 to beyond £5m in 2023. Decision Time also recently announced highly regarded entrepreneur and business leader Patrick McAliskey as its new chairman.

Its latest contract with Link Group follows the recent announcement that Decision Time had added 11 government departments to its growing list of public sector customers on the island of Ireland.

Geoff Higgins, CEO of Decision Time, says: “Housing associations are responsible for providing a high standard of service and accommodation for thousands of tenants, meaning effective corporate governance is absolutely critical given the potential for ineffective practices to have far-reaching implications on the organisation and those renting social accommodation.”

According to the latest National Report on the Scottish Social Housing Charter by the Housing Regulator, Scottish social landlords provided 605,637 homes to rent in 2019/20, up by 4,781 (0.8%) on the previous year[i].

Commenting on the milestone, Geoff adds: “Decision Time has now been implemented by 20 housing associations in Scotland. I believe this demonstrates a strong commitment by organisations to streamlining and consolidating all aspects of their corporate governance requirements, a move which will enable its management team and the organisation to be more resilient and deliver a better service.”

Claire Clapperton, Corporate Services Officer at Link Group, says: “Decision Time is a flexible solution that is supported by a responsive team wholly committed to assisting our organisation with its corporate governance objectives. The accessible platform has strengthened our governance considerably, helping to improve performance right across the business, and provided us with a versatile solution to support us for many years to come.”

Providing over 10,000 affordable homes to people and families who need them most, Link is one of Scotland’s largest affordable housing providers and a group of diverse social enterprise companies working hard to improve lives.

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[i] National Report on the Scottish Social Housing Charter | 30 October 2020 |