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6 Tips to Consider for Your Website Design

A website is something to invest in if you want to improve your online presence. It serves as the official place where clients go if they wish to know more about your company. If designed properly, you can successfully turn these visitors into your actual clients. A specialist in web design in North Wales can help create the best website for your business if you operate around the area. Every company is unique, so your site will not be the same as the others even if they are in the same industry as yours. Here are some things to consider if you are planning to have your website designed.

Determine your target users

Before contacting a web design company, be clear about who your target users are. It may seem obvious that the target clients are also the target users, but there could more to it, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss. For instance, if your site matches clients with insurance providers, it would not just be clients who will be accessing your site, but the insurance providers too. Take that into consideration so both users will easily find what they need on your site.

Ensure it speaks about your brand

Your site represents your company so the users should have a feel of what your brand is on their visit. For instance, if you want to give the impression that your company is fun, you may choose fonts and images that give that effect. Use logos, colours, and texts that are consistent with the ones that you use in other platforms for brand recall.

Make it user-friendly

A user-friendly interface will create a positive experience for your visitors. They are more likely to browse the site and know more about your company and what you offer if they find it easy to use. If it is hard to navigate, they might leave your site, thus losing your chance of converting them into clients.

Ensure it’s accessible to mobile devices

It should also be easy to access using various mobile devices, and it must display properly. Some websites are not mobile optimized, so they do not show correctly on the screen. The texts are unreadable, and it’s difficult to see the images. The number of mobile users is continuously growing, and you will miss the chance of connecting with them if your website is not ready for mobile use.

Add call to action

Include a call to action in places that users will see right away and where applicable. Most of these people are interested in what you offer that’s why they access your site. Grab the opportunity to guide them in taking the step that you want them to take. Examples are ordering your products, requesting a quote, or subscribing to your newsletter.

Include feedbacks and awards

Customers are now smarter than ever. They do their research, and they want to find proof of your excellent service before they will do business with you. Collect reviews from your previous clients, and post them on your site. If you received awards or recognitions, include them too, because it will create a good impression for you.

Consider these tips when having your website designed, and you will get positive results that include the conversion of visitors into actual customers.