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Granicus launches UK Vaccine Communications Toolkit to help local councils tackle misinformation

Granicus, a leading provider of cloud-based citizen engagement technologies and services, today announced the launch of its UK Vaccine Communications Toolkit, to help local councils create effective communications to support the Covid-19 vaccination programme. 


The UK government has tasked community leaders to lend support in tackling misinformation and the set of tools, created by Granicus, is designed to help local authorities create a cost-effective digital communication plan. It enables them to rapidly execute on their vaccine communications priorities and target accurate information and messages to residents through a range of digital channels. A rapid deployment of the toolkit is available for all existing Granicus govDelivery customers, as well as non-customers.  


Granicus’ tools have been used by councils throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Tower Hamlets has been using the govDelivery platform to create engaging newsletters which provide accurate information on vaccination and testing. By using the platform’s multimedia functionality, the council has been able to directly target its six-figure strong email newsletter subscriber base with video content created in direct collaboration with community leaders and healthcare experts, spreading critical awareness of key Covid-19 issues. Throughout the past year, their active, engaged subscriptions grew by 20.5%, and they achieved 21.3% subscriber growth.


Michelle Browne, Digital Content Manager at Tower Hamlets says: “govDelivery has played a central role in our digital response to Covid-19. As an organisation, we train and support colleagues from across the council to create their own bulletins, sharing Grancius’ comprehensive learning and resource sections with them. They provide great guidance on how to use their tools. We use our newsletters to directly update our residents on Covid-19 restrictions, share news and resources with them, and tackle misinformation about the vaccines. Our residents’ newsletter goes out to subscribers weekly and it’s a key channel for us.” 


Ian Roberts, Managing Director at Granicus says: “Since the pandemic began, citizens have been turning to their local councils for clear, transparent and accurate information about Covid-19. This is more important than ever as the vaccination programme rolls out, as social media driven misinformation needs to be countered by reliable and trusted sources. 


“We are committed to helping all local authorities in their tireless work throughout the pandemic. Our govDelivery platform is already used by many local authorities to communicate and engage directly with citizens via the modern, digital channels they expect to use. Our experience as a long-standing partner to councils up and down the country has been invested in creating this comprehensive toolkit which includes everything councils need to create effective, agile, and trustworthy communications.” 


The toolkit includes


  • Digital comms tools: These resources include proven tools to quickly capture a digital audience and drive adoption of content such as website overlays, directive social media and ad placements, and text-to-subscribe campaign integration


  • Real-time national analytics: Actionable data about messaging, campaign, and audience effectiveness to continuously tune outreach with proven methods that drive outcomes and impact


  • Peer content sharing: Streamlined content authorising and aggregation through access to a curated library of the most effective peer content, communications, and templates — providing users with insight exclusive to members of the Granicus community 
  • Vaccine Communications Playbook:  A playbook covering top questions and best practices that Granicus share with their customers to support their communications success. Including common vaccine communications goals, how to ensure local government reach the whole community and what type of communications are most likely to yield results. 


  • Granicus Subscriber Network access: Members of the Granicus communicator community, through govDelivery, can promote their content to a network of over 250 million opt-in citizen subscribers, including those in historically hard-to-reach communities, to rapidly develop digital audiences for vital communications about the virus, vaccinations, and future crises outreach


The Granicus Vaccination Toolkit can be downloaded here: