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Zizo selected as one of 14 innovative technology startup’s for the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator

Zizo, provider of data analytics for business, logistics and retail, has been selected as one of 14 cutting-edge technology startups for the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator challenge.

The Made Smarter Technology Accelerator, run by Digital Catapult, the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre, has been developed to pair manufacturers with technology companies so they can take advantage of advanced technology to radically alter, and improve, the way manufacturing is approached.

Each of the 14 startups will be developing innovative technology solutions to address some of the UK’s most prevalent manufacturing challenges, in collaboration with their Industry Challenge Owners. Zizo has partnered with Safran Landing Systems, which is a partner to 30 leading commercial, military, business and regional airframers. It supports more than 31,200 aircraft making over 73,000 landings every day.

The operation and maintenance of test rigs, equipment used for testing purposes, is an essential component of Safran Landing Systems’ assembly shop. The rigs are dedicated to one product each, covering the testing of complete landing gears (nose and main) and some detailed parts. Safran is looking to explore advanced technology solutions that can provide better visibility both in terms of the test rig performance and those influencing the test results. Integrating these solutions in an intelligent way will control parameters, monitor routines and implement preventative measures.

To overcome this challenge, Zizo will be building a portable edge industrial internet of things (IIoT) analysis platform, using data analysis software to provide big data capability. This solution will create a repository and platform to manage data from across teams and across functions. This end-to-end connected edge device also combines device management and analytics in one single platform, without the need for implementing a factory-wide network. As the IoT platform can be connected to any protocol, mobile engineers could be equipped with a mobile test platform that is not reliant on any internet connection or cloud-based database.

Through each individual challenge, the programme aims to improve productivity in the manufacturing sector and help boost the post-Covid economy – supporting the wider Manufacturing Made Smarter Challenge, with its ambition to raise productivity by 30% by 2030.

Peter Ruffley, CEO, Zizo Software said: “Zizo is incredibly excited to be chosen for the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator programme and we can’t wait to demonstrate the power of edge analytics and what is possible to do with data. We are looking forward to working with Safran Landing Systems and learning more about their challenge and their business, and how we can use data to accelerate their move towards manufacturing 4.0.”

Dr Jeremy Silver, CEO of Digital Catapult said: “The UK’s startup community leads Europe in developing applications for advanced digital technologies – but to reap the rewards of this innovation, those developments must be adopted by industrial partners and customers in the UK and around the world.

“With our focus turning to economic recovery, the Made Smarter Technology programme emphasises the role of advanced digital technologies in tackling industry challenges head-on.

“Congratulations to the successful startups and scaleups who will be working with our industry partners to develop ideas from AI solutions to improve food products’ shelf life, to tech to improve ship design – helping propel UK manufacturing.”

Juergen Maier, Chair of Digital Catapult and Co-Chair of Made Smarter added: “Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about extremely challenging conditions for the manufacturing sector, it also represents a chance for industry to take a step back to explore how we can innovate and apply advanced digital technologies to do things better.

“This programme has brought to the fore the world class expertise in the UK technology sector and by pairing bright startups and scaleups with large manufacturers, we hope to leverage those capabilities across a variety of disruptive emerging technologies to meet industry needs – from cutting costs, to boosting productivity.

The successful startups and scaleups will be presenting their industry-changing prototypes at a presentation event on the 23rd of June 2021.

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