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Datadobi Assists Proximus Group’s Data Storage Infrastructure Transformation

To bolster its position as the leading digital service provider and maintain delivery of a superior customer experience, Proximus recently embarked upon a refresh initiative of its NAS data storage infrastructure. It recognized that in order to help its customers to reap the benefits of digital transformation, it too needed to transform. Wanting to avoid the hurdles that commonly delay and derail data migrations, and smooth the transition to the new systems, Proximus turned to its storage vendor, Dell EMC, for guidance. Dell EMC recommended they evaluate DobiMigrate enterprise-class software and test its ability to migrate file or object data between any storage platform, on-premises or in the cloud – safely, quickly, easily, and cost effectively, for themselves. 

“Late last year, we installed DobiMigrate to test its ability to migrate and sync between our legacy and new storage platforms. We also wanted to see whether it could support an active-active storage environment, as we knew during the migration, we wanted to have both controllers available to maintain critical operations and business services continuity,” said Pascal De Cock, Team Manager, Proximus. “Datadobi exceeded our expectations. In particular, we have been impressed with its 100% replication accuracy, which is so important for our high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR). The way DobiMigrate handles permissions and access control lists is also quite different from other solutions and a big advantage for us for managing access and authentication. Of course, its ability to also virtually eliminate any chance of corruption occurrences when moving customer data was also key.” 

De Cock concluded, “Having now officially selected DobiMigrate, we are utilizing it to move both production and non-production data — everything from all home directories, to all of the data associated with the management of business operations and customer relations onto our new Dell EMC Isilon storage.”

“Proximus puts the customer at the heart of everything it does. It’s why they continue to invest in transformative technology as it enables them to provide customers with a world of new possibilities,” said Matthias Nijs Regional Territory Manager, EMEA, Datadobi. “With Datadobi, Proximus will be able to accelerate its move to its new data management environment, realizing faster ROI and lower TCO. However most importantly, they will be able to say goodbye to time-consuming migration tasks and focus instead on its core competency — offering products and services tailored to the needs of every customer, so that they can live better and work smarter.”

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